Clean Beauty, an Opportunity for Chinese Brands to “Bend the Curve”

This year, DewyLab intends to make a comprehensive effort from the brand, the product and the R&D that has been built, and to deepen the standard of clean color cosmetics.

At the beginning of 2021, the clean beauty brand DewyLab was founded in China. Just over a year after its establishment, it completed a $10 million Pre-A round of financing. It also became the first beauty brand invested by Xiaohongshu (a Chinese social media platform), which has received wide attention from the beauty industry.

The first impression of its founder, Zhou Hui, is intellectual and firm-eyed. When it comes to why she wants to step into the track of clean beauty, she gave the most straightforward answer – clean beauty will definitely rise in China.

It is undeniable that the trend of clean beauty is not just started today. As early as 2012, an overseas niche skincare brand Drunk Elephant put forward “no additives, clean and natural” and other similar concepts. And Zhou Hui keenly observed the actions of overseas beauty groups, “They found that clean beauty as an important concept can fundamentally influence consumers. In recent years they have launched massive brand acquisitions at extremely high premiums, and with the way they have been playing for so many years, acquiring brands at high premiums and then expanding globally to reap the rewards is a predictable thing.”

China will definitely face the impact of overseas clean beauty brands, so how should Chinese brands prepare before meeting this wave? Zhou Hui feels that the present moment is an important opportunity to “bend the curve”.

“If we let overseas beauty groups once again define clean beauty as they did 20 years ago when China first entered the world and educate Chinese consumers about what beauty, good products and good technology are, we will miss the time to take the initiative. I think clean beauty is the inevitable development trend. In the inevitable direction, Chinese brands have the opportunity to be able to define their own product standards for the first time, and this opportunity is very valuable.” In an exclusive interview with CHAILEEDO, Zhou Hui thought so.

“In 2022, because of the whole environment and consumer confidence, DewyLab is mainly steadily going to do some infrastructure construction. In addition to announcing strategic cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and international beauty giant Intercos Group respectively, DewyLab also has deployed China’s clean color cosmetics R&D system.” Zhou Hui said when sharing DewyLab’s initiatives in the previous year.

With 2019 to 2022 being the three years trapped by the pandemic, cultivating internal strength was the decision of most brands in the uncertain environment of the past, and introverted caution was the common stance.

In 2023, “the whole environment and the market economy are actually showing some signs of recovery”. Therefore, this year, DewyLab intends to “make a comprehensive effort from the brand side, the product side and the R&D side that has been built”, and to deepen the standard of clean color cosmetics. In terms of communication with consumers, consumers’ media habits are still on mobile devices, based on this, DewyLab will “find the social media consumer where he is and communicate with him in a way he understands.” Based on consumer insights, we will then do deeper and better user messaging and communication, and gradually build up people’s trust in Rackets’ clean makeup.

“What does the brand have to do at this time? The first is acting, the second is reacting. We are now on standby and ready to do everything. The market is getting better and better, with the market taking advantage of the momentum. We also hope to have good partners in all aspects, together to make clean beauty in China into China’s clean beauty.”



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