How to Be High-end Brands for Chinese Beauty Brands?

High-end is a process of time and technology accumulation. During this process, the improvement need not only the most intuitive price but also product quality, and brand value sense. This is an important reason for the success of the high-end road of Chinese beauty brands.

Along with the maturity of the Chinese cosmetics market, Chinese consumers’ concept of cosmetic consumption has gradually increased and has shown high-end development characteristics.

In the current consumer upgrade, high-end has been defined by many Chinese beauty companies as an important breakthrough. “Towards the high-end” has become a keyword for many brands in the Chinese cosmetics industry.

How to break through?

  1. Increase scientific research, tapping high-profile spokespersons/entering in high-end retail stores to enhance brand competitiveness.

There is no doubt that scientific research is the core competitiveness in the cosmetic industry. Therefore, in recent years, scientific research from Chinese brands is also frequently increasing: Perfect Diary’s parent company YATSEN E-commerce continued to invest in building YATSEN Open Lab fro R&D system. Florasis announced a five-year plan to build an oriental beauty R&D system. PROYA and raw material giant BASF signed cooperation to carry out a number of in-depth technical cooperation.

However, although the scientific research is the basic, the road for the Chinese brands to high-end is not stopped. With the progress of scientific research, the brand image is bound to need a round of updates.

For example, in 2021, in addition to updating the logo, Perfect Diary abandoned the previous standard of spokesperson of traffic stars and chose the powerful Chinese actor Zhou Xun as its global brand spokesperson and singer Troye Sivan as its brand ambassador. It received an enthusiastic response once launched, which is exactly what Perfect Diary tends to achieve.

In addition, the presence in high-end retail stores such as Sephora is also of some significance in assisting the high-endization of Chinese brands. MARUBI, Marie Dalgar, INOHERB Tang and WEI are some of the few Chinese beauty brands that are present in Sephora.

  1. As for Chinese IP, describing Chinese story is the code of premium.

Take the Chinese skincare brand Dong Bian Ye Shou as an example, after clearly focusing on the brand concept of Chinese unique herbal activity, it was promoted through the creation of brand magazines to spread the brand culture concept, the opening of the tiger theme art exhibition. The brand’s Chinese style cultural temperament and tone in the series of operation precipitation spread.

These Chinese brands, which have been pointing to high-end since their birth, have one quality: they are rooted in Chinese culture. It is noteworthy that brands that build their brand image by telling Chinese stories generate a premium space and possibilities far beyond other categories.

  1. Acquisition and expansion, “shortcut” of breakthrough.

Looking at the success of international giants such as L’Oreal Group, the acquisition is an important means of implementation.

YATSEN E-commerce, in addition to the operation of the main brand Perfect Diary, has launched the skincare brand Abby’s Choice, acquired the popular makeup brand Little Ondine, the French high-end beauty brand Galénic, and the British high-end skincarehas brand Eve lom. Its high-end ambitions are obvious by acquiring sub-brands to help the group high-end.

Undoubtedly, the acquisition is a shortcut, but the financial strength of beauty companies have certain requirements. Most of the imported brands acquired will retain the original operating team. In the strict sense, these “naturalized” brands can not be considered Chinese beauty brands. Therefore, although the acquisition is a shortcut, but it is not the right way to high-end Chinese beauty brands, and whether consumers buy is also unknown.

  1. Get rid of the label of “Affordable Brand Compared to Top Brand”

In the makeup category, regardless of international brands, many of China’s makeup brands are caught in peer competition. The common genes of most Chinese makeup brands are quick to launch of new products, small specifications and low prices. For the serious competition of makeup, high-end indulge in empty talk.

If we talk about the feasibility of high-end, subjective value delivery of perfume category are exploring a new world in the Chinese market. Rooted in the soil of Chinese culture, the Chinese market has now nourished the Chinese high-end perfume brands such as To Summer, Documents, Fu Sheng Liu Ji, etc. The emergence of these brands to make up for the olfactory products on the oriental flavor gap, and this oriental flavor with national characteristics also gave the Chinese perfume brands and other international brands the opportunity to compete on the same stage.

At present, the competitiveness of high-end Chinese brands is still less than international brands. “Too expensive to buy” is indeed a problem that lots of Chinese beauty brands exist. Affordable brands are still the main gimmick of many Chinese beauty brands publicity. Consumers are also more accepting, but the profit margin from the international brand of high-end products is also a certain distance.

In short, high-end is a process of time and technology accumulation, the process improvement not only needs the most intuitive price, but also product quality, brand value. This is the important element of the success of China’s beauty brand high-end metamorphosis or not.

At present, the high-end Chinese beauty brand still a long way to go.



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