Innovative Tooth Care Brand Canban Eyes On $78 million Market

Canban Kid’s, the children’s oral care brand of Chinese oral care brand Canban, has launched a limited children’s day gift box, “Color Changing Magic Box,” which contains toothpaste, electric toothbrushes, and other products designed to prevent tooth decay while adding fun to the brushing process for children. The product is sold on its official WeChat app for 61 yuan ($9.1).

Canban is a Chinese oral care specialty brand that focuses on providing full-scene solutions for oral care, with products including mouthwash, toothpaste, oral spray, toothpaste, and tooth flosser. Previously Canban Kid’s was established on April 19, and this new product specializing in the children’s toothpaste market also shows the potential of the children’s toothpaste market from the side.

According to the brand director of Kidsmile children’s dental market, there are three stages of tooth growth: the period of deciduous teeth – the period of replacement teeth – the period of permanent teeth. Not paying attention to children’s oral cleaning in the period of milk teeth, it will be easy to produce a series of oral problems such as dental caries. “According to the fourth national oral epidemiological census, it is found that the rate of dental caries (commonly known as tooth decay) among children aged 5 and 12 years old has increased by 5.9% and 7.8%, respectively, to 70.9% and 34.5% compared with the third census. And the treatment rate is still low, corresponding to 4.1% and 16.5% respectively. In other words, nearly 96% of 5-year-old children with dental caries are not treated, and nearly 85% of 12-year-old children with dental caries are similarly neglected.” The problems children currently encounter when brushing their teeth are the poor taste of toothpaste and the low level of fun, which leads to children not focusing on the brushing process.

Canban Kid’s first product was developed for children aged 3-12 years old and incorporates a special micro-encapsulated color-changing technology that helps children focus on brushing by changing the color of the foam when enough time has been spent brushing. At the same time, the product also adopts a special low-foam technology to reduce the irritation of children’s oral mucosa.

At present, Canban Kid’s toothpaste for children has been launched in strawberry and grape flavors, and the brand has also launched a limited children’s day gift box “Color Change Magic Box”, which contains toothpaste, an electric toothbrush, a fun temperature change cup, and children’s stickers, hoping that the brushing process for babies will be more practical, fun and artistic.

Data shows that in January 2021, the total sales of the top ten brands of children’s toothpaste sales in Tmall was $3.77 million, an increase of 50.5% year-on-year. Children’s toothbrushes increased by 58.21% year on year. Not only that, but children’s electric toothbrush has also become a new outbreak of segmentation. Tmall data show that, for the whole year of 2020, Tmall platform children’s electric toothbrush sales of the top ten brands including SakyKids, Oral-B, Philips, Bayer, etc., total sales of nearly $78 million. In January and February 2021, children’s electric toothbrush on Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall sales performance is also still a large growth, with the top ten brands’ total sales growth of 117.49%, and 33.87% year-on-year, respectively. The growth rate should not be underestimated. The focus is on this segment of children’s toothpaste, or see the development of this market.

In fact, this is not the first time to start the segmentation of the dental care category.

It is reported that in developed countries in the West, the penetration rate of the mouthwash category has already reached more than 30%-40%, while in China, its penetration rate is still very low. With the younger generation of oral health protection awareness and concern for the appearance of the face, so that mouthwash has a considerable market stock, which is the structural impetus to promote the rapid growth of the mouthwash industry.

Although Canban entered the oral care market with toothpaste as the entry point, the explosive product that really brought half of the company into people’s view was mouthwash. In 2020, at the end of September, Canban first launched mouthwash series products, and achieved single-month sales of more than $15 million within 9 months of its launch, up to 83% of sales.

In the 80 days since the launch of the probiotic mouthwash, the company has reached the milestone of sales exceeding $15 million. The series has sold a cumulative total of 1,500W+ bottles across the network and has been promoted to the Top 1 mouthwash brand in Tmall.

This mouthwash “as its name” specially added yogurt with the same probiotics not only can balance the oral flora, and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, but also help to protect the teeth, to establish a better oral prevention system. In addition, the mouthwash used herbal extracts, 360 degrees of nourishing oral cavity, and reduce 99.9% of oral bacteria breeding for deepening clean mouth.

In addition to mouthwash, at present, the number of SKU of Canban is as many as 80+ and has been involved in mouthwash, teeth whitening paste, oral spray, and other subcategories, gradually covering the entire oral care field, and recently launched a shower gel shampoo and other toiletries, gradually expanding the categories involved.


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