JALA Group’s Digitalization Forward Through the Development of Group-level Agents

In 2021, JALA Group’s Chairman Zheng Chunying first proposed that the development of group-level agents and distributors plan. So far, there are 19 agents confirmed in the cosmetics store channel and the four brands of JALA to cooperate. It became the first group-level agents of Garan.

On January 25, JALA Group held the first batch of 19 group-level agents of the award ceremony. During the ceremony, JALA Group’s Chairman Zheng Chunying said, “the development of group-level agents is one of the key tasks of JALA this year.

On December 23, 2021, Zheng Chunying in the CHANDO’s agents annual meeting said the development of group-level agents and distributors plan for the first time. JALA’s “group-level agents” refers to the agents who are also agents of JALA’s 4 brands sold in the beauty store channel (CHANDO, MAYSU, Botanical Wisdom and Chun Xia). Group-level distributors refer to the distributors who operate these four brands at the same time.

Then, in the joint annual meeting of the three brands of MAYSU Botanical Wisdom and Chun Xia, JALA officially released the investment policy for group-level agents and distributors on January 13, 2021 and received a positive response from the agents. So far, 19 agents have been confirmed in the cosmetics store channel with the four brands of JALA to cooperate and become the first batch of JALA group-level agents.

On January 25, JALA held a grand online award ceremony for awarding the “group-level agent” status to the 19 agents .

In the view of Zheng Chunying, although the industry has also existed “group-level agents”, that is based on the old model established and all depending on the policy strength of the manufacturer and the agent’s human input and reputation input. It also depends on the opportunity. “But now it is a digital model, more efficient.” He further said that with the new model established by the new model of inventory and cloud store, JALA provides a digital supply chain operation platform, reducing the difficulty of operation, which reduced the need for personnel and supported the solution to the capital needs. The agents will be able to use the same manpower to serve more brands. “This is a completely different model than before, this is the digital model.”

Zheng Chunying said that agents should establish a new evaluation criteria for operating income, that is, no longer look at the gross profit spread but to look at the return on investment and human efficiency output, which is more scientific.

JALA Group is China’s digitally driven biotechnology beauty enterprise, which owns the brands of MAYSU, CHANDO, Botanical Wisdom and Chun Xia. In 2021, JALA has established more than 40,000 retail networks of various types in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government of China, covering cities and counties at all levels in China.

As early as July 2020, JALA Group in advance entered the “digital” new battlefield to become the pioneer of the industry’s digital transformation. In 2021, Jalan Group digital revenue accounted for 88.9%, an increase of 49.7% compared to 2019. Its digital retail accounted for 50.6%, an increase of 32.5% compared to 2019. Its brand, CHANDO, digital revenue share reached 94.7% and digital retail sales share reached 53.6%.



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