Live Streaming Company Crossing Media Receiving Funding

Live streaming service company “Crossing Media” completed 10 million RMB of angle funding after establishment in 4 months

Crossing Media, a live-streaming e-commerce service company, has completed an angel funding round of 10 million RMB within 4 months of its establishment. Founded in Los Angeles, USA, Crossing Media is a live-streaming-based business model that serves new Chinese brands go global. It also helps local e-commerce and international brands in Europe and the US to reach their target consumer groups efficiently on video social platforms such as TikTok and build brand marketing and sales systems overseas.

In 2022, China’s Internet, represented by ByteDance and Kwai, accelerated the globalization process and continued to make efforts in overseas markets. During post-pandemic, 2020 saw a concentrated explosion of overseas short video consumption with Amazon, Youtube, Instagram adding short video part and rapidly entering the live streaming market. According to research firm Coresight Research, the U.S. live streaming market will reach $11 billion this year and the global short-video industry is expected to exceed $100 billion in size within three years.

Crossing Media has now completed the layout in Los Angeles, London and Shenzhen, China. It equipped with professional live streaming venues and equipment, set up local operation teams, and built a complete live streaming ecological operation system to meet the localized live streaming needs of various brands. Up to now, Crossing Media built nearly 30 live streaming in the three countries serving hundreds of brands from the US, UK and China.

In June 2021, Crossing Media took the lead in forming warehouse in the UK, including major beauty brands such as TOM FORD, GIORGIO ARMANI, NARS, CPB, and also including Xiaomi, as TikTok opened live shopping cart in the UK and Indonesia and open the whole process of cross-border e-commerce from marketing, sales to logistics and after-sales customer service. Crossing Media is growing rapidly in the beauty, 3C digital and apparel sectors with monthly GMV growth reaching 200%.

According to Taylor Tang, founder of Crossing Media, “Live e-commerce will definitely go global from China and more and more players will enter. The combination of Chinese vision and overseas genes can seize new opportunities in the midst of global consumer market changes.”



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