M·A·C Three Magic Weapons to Occupying the Chinese Market

Under the wave of China's lipstick economy, the launch of its lipstick has since become a brand calling card for M·A·C.

M·A·C was the first brand which was not created by Mrs. Lauder of Estee Lauder Group. Estee Lauder Group was attracted by its uniqueness to acquire the brand. With the assistance and support of the Estée Lauder Group, exceptional qualities of M·A·C were discovered and spread from North America to the rest of the world.

Founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada, M·A·C is a global professional makeup brand with hundreds of different textures and colors of eye shadows, lipsticks, foundations and other makeup products. With a large team of professional makeup artists and collaborations with artists in fashion, art and cultural trend, M·A·C is constantly developing and innovating products and participating in the creation of trends at fashion shows around the world.

In February 2017, M·A·C announced its upcoming settlement into Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall and unveiled the makeup trends of the spring/summer. In May of the same year, the grand opening of M·A·C Tmall flagship store was held with over 100 lipstick colors and textures authentically restored through the Internet to create the ultimate authentic experience for Chinese consumers. On the opening day of M-A-C Tmall flagship store, sales exceeded US$1.86 million with over 60,000 main lipsticks sold. In November 2017, M·A·C first participated in Double 11, the Chinese Shopping Festival and over 400,000 lipsticks were sold in a craze, which wining the No. 1 high-end makeup brand in Tmall Double Eleven.

In March 2018, M·A·C “Lip Makeup Diary” was launched and joined hands with Tmall Super Brand Day to create more than 100 short videos. On Super Brand Day, 180,000 lipsticks were sold setting a record for the No.1 high-end makeup on Super Brand Day. In November 2018 when the 10th anniversary of Tmall Double 11, the campaign “Lips are Dreams” led by M·A·C, again ranked the first in Tmall Double 11 high-end makeup selling out the limited edition LIPSTICK / MARBLE in one second and selling more than 850,000 lipsticks.

In March 2019, M·A·C Tmall Super Brand Day 400,000 lipsticks were sold over. It ranked top in the Tmall Super Brand Day makeup again with total sales breaking through over $10.695 million. In July 2019, M·A·C launched new collection Powder Kiss with the exclusive debut of the new Tmall Little Black Box. It broke the new single-day record of Tmall beauty new debut. Powder Kiss collection was sold more than 360,000 units with an average of 4 units sold per second. The sales exceeded $1.55 million in 7 minutes and $13.95 million in 24 hours.

Like many international beauty brands, success of M·A·C in the Chinese market has not been achieved by launching a few products at random but by selecting one product out of all of them to create a hot product. Under the wave of China’s lipstick economy, the launch of its lipstick has since become a brand calling card for M·A·C. And the “CHILI” color, which Chinese fans call “Little Chili”, has become one of M·A·C’s hot-selling products. Although supported by hot products, M·A·C does not stop. At every important point in time, M·A·C will launch new products and surprising co-branded products.

In 2019, M·A·C launched lipstick co-branded with China’s mobile game King of Honor. In August of the same year, it launched a product with elements of two dimensions, games and DIY. On Double 11, it launched two limited edition “Starry Night” lipsticks with a free lipstick pack. M-A-C continues to launch new products that have captured the hearts of countless young Chinese consumers. By joining forces with big IPs and increasing product’s selling points, the brand is able to stay trendy at all times and attract more Gen-Z consumers in China.

In addition to the constant launch of new products, other secret of M·A·C to success is its combination of cost-effective and offline experiential consumption. The location, decoration and service of stores of M·A·C in China are very close to those of international high-end makeup brands, while the retail price of $26.35 a lipstick gives M·A·C a considerable price advantage. The ability to get the offline brick-and-mortar experience of a first-tier brand at a relatively inexpensive price is completely appealing to youth in China.

M·A·C pays special attention to experiential consumption in offline stores. It is good at using high-end technology. In the offline store, lipstick machines are set up in the area of lipsticks. Even the shade of lipstick which are out of stock is available to try in virtual way. In the area of foundation, “Self-service Foundation Table” was set up. It will show the suitable skin type and skin color if you put a foundation on the sensor. In the area of eye makeup, consumers can freely match eye shadow colors according to their preferences and customize their own eye shadow palette.

Among them, the makeup service of M·A·C offline store is also a highlight. The makeup experience area is comfortable and convenient for consumers. You can enjoy your try on makeup in the comfortable makeup experience area with one-by-one makeup service enjoying the trendy makeup explanation and exquisite makeup creation service brought by M·A·C professional makeup artists. It perfectly presented the immersive shopping experience of M·A·C offline store.



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