MAKE SENSE Increased GMV Yearly by 273% through “Lazy Men”

Recently, the Chinese men’s comprehensive personal care brand MAKE SENSE released the “White Paper on Men’s Skin Health Care” (hereinafter referred to as “White Paper”). The white paper confirms that there are significant gender differences in male skin structure and function, and it is agreed that there are also gender differences in the occurrence and intervention paths of common skin problems.

Founded in 2019, MAKE SENSE is clearly positioned as a comprehensive personal care brand for men. Realizing the common characteristics of “straight thinking”, “difficulty in choosing” and “troublesome comparing” when shopping for male consumers, MAKE SENSE insisted on the full range of men’s care, so that consumers can choose it in one step. Its products include facial care, body wash, hair and beard, body fragrance, make-up, etc.

Everything that MAKE SENSE does is to meet the needs of male consumers who are both “lazy” and want to be exquisite. From product design to marketing promotion, it is all aimed to quickly reach accurate users and give them the simplest and most direct choice. The exquisite charm is in one step.

According to a survey by Qeyes, within two years, MAKE SENSE raised a total of 6 rounds of financing, with a financing amount exceeding RMB 500 million (over $75 million). Strategic investors include Bilibili and Hupu; as well as many top global capital investments such as 5Y Capital and One Capital. The reason why it has obtained financing in succession is, of course, inseparable from its brilliant market sales performance.

In December 2019, MAKE SENSE launched on Tmall, a mainstream e-commerce platform in China, and became one of the fastest growing brands in the beauty category of Tmall in just 3 months. The brand’s first product, Niacinamide Facial Cleanser, has achieved double success both in sales and customers comments. In May 2020, its “Skin Special Drink Shower Gel Series” stunned the market: Mojito Fragrance Shower Gel has become the TOP1 on the Tmall Charm Shower Gel List in just one week. After that, in August, based on the new scene, the clothing Eau de Toilette was launched, with a total of 20w+ bottles sold all over China.

From August 2020 to July 2021, MAKE SENSE brand flagship store achieved a total turnover of over $34 million and sales of over 2.3 million; in November 2020, its GMV exceeded $4.6469 million, reaching a sales peak in the past year. Among them, CHAILEEDO found that in July 2021, the monthly sales volume of MAKE SENSE was 380,000+; the GMV exceeded $4.1972 million; the sales volume increased by 345% year-on-year, and the GMV also increased by 273% year-on-year. In just one year, the market sales volume of MAKE SENSE has quadrupled.

In terms of product packaging, the brand adopts a simple style, and its visual presentation is mainly based on rational lines and frames, giving people a more angular feel. From the perspective of per customer transaction, MAKE SENSE is relatively cost-effective. The average price of a single product in its Tmall flagship store is less than 100 yuan (about $15). Among them, suit products are more expensive, and the most expensive is the ” Men Skincare Gift Box” which costs $78.

In the Tmall flagship store, its top three products are facial cleanser, styling spray, and fragrance shampoo, and their monthly sales are 20,000+, 10,000+, and 5,000+ respectively. In addition, in terms of makeup needs, male users prefer to use the convenient Concealer Cream. Also in the SKU, MAKE SENSE contains more skincare series products, followed by the washing and care series.

From the packaging visual point of view, MAKE SENSE commissioned the famous Chinese design studio “A Black Cover Design” to create a set of visual and product packaging image designs in line with its brand concept of ” Rationality followed by a fun”. The layout is divided into functional areas through thin lines. The contents of each part are neatly framed, and the product lines are distinguished by different background colors, presenting a very simple and refreshing unique style, The express box can also be directly torn and pulled without scissors, which is safer and more convenient. It also comes with a skincare manual, which comforts many men who are in a hurry to use it for the first time and makes the first user experience nice.



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