Maybelline Sky High Mascaras Reshapes for Asian Female

In July 2022, Maybelline New York launched the new Maybelline Sky High Mascaras. According to L’Oreal officials, mascara is the king of sales in Europe and the United States, sold every 3 seconds in the international market, this custom upgrade is specifically for China.

The lash comb of Sky High Mascaras is a dual-use arch-shaped elastic structure and the comb is designed to fit Asian women’s eye shapes. The product claims to have been formulated with the Group’s new technology to maintain the shape of the lashes. Its MQ restin factor is the highest of all the Group’s products and it is fast-drying, waterproof, and oil-resistant so it does not smudge or come off easily. In addition, the mascara is enriched with a new eyelash technology, keratinogen, whose main ingredient, keratin active factor, provides a large number of peptide chains that nourish the eyelashes.

In 2020, Maybelline also developed a Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation specifically for Chinese consumers. It is understood that the product was developed by L’Oréal’s global R&D center to combine the needs of Chinese consumers for color, texture, and makeup effects. It took three years to find thousands of Chinese consumers to test it before it was officially introduced to the market. Currently, the product is priced at $22 on the Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall with monthly sales of 2,000+ and many consumers giving positive reviews.

Since 1917, when the world’s first mascara product was produced, Maybelline has been synonymous with trends. In 1997, Maybelline entered the Chinese market. After that, Maybelline has become the introductory makeup “mentor” for many Chinese consumers. It has helped a large number of Chinese channel operators and cosmetic stores to grow rapidly and its makeup products cover almost all of the first-tier cities to remote counties.

As one of the core brands of L’Oréal Group, the world’s top beauty group, Maybelline’s long-term leading position is based on the brand’s keen market insight and bold innovative spirit in addition to the excellent quality of its products. At the beginning of the development of the Chinese makeup market, Maybelline took the lead in laying out mainstream channels such as supermarkets and department stores and quickly reached the widest range of mass consumers and laid the foundation for its mass makeup market. At the same time, Maybelline paid great attention to choosing spokespersons in line with consumers’ aesthetic trends and vigorously promoted different themes to maintain the brand’s international fashion trend.

However, in 2018, Maybelline was revealed to have retreated from the market channel on a large scale. Some news was revealed such as “counter shelves at Carrefour, Walmart, Wumart and other hypermarkets in Beijing left vacant on a large scale”. At that time, L’Oreal China said in its official response that Maybelline would deploy “a channel strategy focusing on e-commerce, cosmetic stores, department stores, shopping centers and new boutiques” with department stores remaining one of the core channels.

“In recent years, consumer upgrading has had a huge impact on the way the public consumes makeup and its sales channels, and experiential consumption and offline online integration experiences have gradually become a daily routine,” said Maybelline. “To meet consumer demand more effectively and to reinforce its unique image as a high street fashion brand, Maybelline has decided to strategically transform its offline channel – from the previous department store counter channel to an offline-online interactive experience store.” In short, after a complete withdrawal from supermarkets and department stores, Maybelline would keep only boutiques (single brand stores) offline developing in parallel with the online channel in the future.

According to Maybelline’s official information on the Chinese social platform Weibo, just as the department store counters are being withdrawn one after another, Maybelline was opening more iconic boutiques and flagship stores in parallel. For example, in May 2020, the world’s first “Maybelline Trendy Toys Store” opened in Shanghai. In August 2020, Maybelline opened a new boutique in Shanghai InCity Mall.

In recent years, Lancôme, Estee Lauder, HR, and other first-tier brands are still accelerating the layout of department stores. This is confirmed in a department store related to the person in charge. According to his introduction, in the past two years, there have been high-end cosmetics constantly stationed in a system. During the Chinese 618 Shopping Festival in 2020, 10 international beauty brands such as Erno Laszlo, TF, Atelier Cologne, SkinCeuticals, GUCCI, Valmont, POLA, Elixir, Filorga, and others are all debuting in Intime Department Store in Ningbo, China. In May of the same year, Dior Beauty sank into the county-level market and the first high-end boutique image store was located in Intime Xiantao Mall.

As a global makeup trendsetter, Maybelline New York has always advocated the power of women’s confidence while continuously launching innovative products. In conjunction with the launch of the new Maybelline Sky High Mascaras, Maybelline New York also announced the appointment of Curley G as the brand ambassador, which interprets the bold and edgy, and self-confident power of the “chic” girl. Maybelline New York is constantly trying to explore new ways to connect with consumers based on the innovative model of entertainment retailing and to convey the brand spirit of confidence to every consumer.




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