Modern Skincare Leader Beiersdorf Embraces its 28th Anniversary in China

German-based Beiersdorf, which focused on skincare, celebrated its 28th anniversary of entering China. With its high-quality and safe skincare concept, it introduced multiple good-performance skincare brands and iconic products to Chinese customers.

On April 26, 2022, Beiersdorf, known as the “leader in modern skincare”, celebrated its 28th anniversary in China. As a leading global skincare group for over a century, Beiersdorf Group has always focused on the needs of Chinese consumers during these 28 years, insisting on scientific innovation, high quality, healthy and skin-friendly, safe and reliable skincare concepts and the introduction of different brands and high-quality products, bringing its NIVEA, Eucerin, La Prairie and other brands and many star products to China.

Xue Wei, Managing Director of Beiersdorf Northeast Asia, said that Beiersdorf has walked alongside China for 28 years and has participated in and witnessed the development of China’s cosmetics industry. It introduced groundbreaking technologies in the skincare industry such as water-in-oil technology, defined industry standards such as sunscreen SPF, cultivated a large number of talents, and shaped a large number of trusted brands and products. As a key growth driver for Beiersdorf and the world’s number one skincare market, China has always been one of the focus areas of our C.A.R.E.+ strategic program.

With its roots in Shanghai, the Beiersdorf Group has been leading the development of the Chinese cosmetics industry throughout the country. During this period, the number of the Group’s varieties has expanded from 2 to more than 300, while its insistence on product quality, technical excellence and care for its employees and society has remained consistent.

During its 28 years of development in China, Beiersdorf has developed a number of brands that are popular among Chinese consumers, the most notable being Nivea. Seeing its history development in China, it was brought to China by a postcard order from a Chinese pharmacy in 1905. And the Nivea Facial Cream, entered the Chinese market in 1937 and became a craze for people in Shanghai. In 1994, Beiersdorf and Shanghai Daily Chemical No.2 Factory set up a Sino-foreign joint venture named Nivea (Shanghai) Company Limited.

It is worth noting that Beiersdorf was making its debut at the China International Import Expo in 2021. During the six-day period, Beiersdorf brought many of its internationally renowned brands and other new brands, products and technologies to the large interactive booth and fully demonstrated Beiersdorf’s cutting-edge skincare technology and all-round care beyond skin by holding a grand opening ceremony, innovation center launch ceremony and other activities and various live broadcasts, attracting many media, exhibitors, industry professionals and visitors.

“We are always confident in the Chinese cosmetics market.” Ms. Xue Wei said, “China’s insistence on hosting the Expo and implementing a high level of opening up to the outside world is an excellent opportunity for international cooperation to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results. As a leader in modern skincare, Beiersdorf Group will also take advantage of China’s trend of inclusiveness and continue to deepen and increase its presence in the world’s second-largest skincare market, so as to bring more innovative and high-quality skincare experiences to Chinese consumers.”

At the Expo, Beiersdorf Group made the Asian debut of its Nivea LUMINOUS630 product line in the form of live streaming. LUMINOUS630 is a patented, breakthrough ingredient that has been selected by Beiersdorf over 10 years from more than 50,000 ingredients to visibly reduce stubborn pigmentation in 4 weeks, inhibit melanin production at the root of the problem, effectively brighten the skin and make it clear and even.

The financial results show that its core brand NIVEA grew sales by 5.5% in 2021, with the NIVEA LUMINOUS 630 Spotclear Intensive Treatment Serum performing well, helping NIVEA to expand its market share in the facial care category thanks to the success of the line.

The line is said to be a new addition to NIVEA’s product portfolio and includes products such as NIVEA LUMINOUS 630 Spotclear Intensive Treatment Serum, LUMINOUS 630 UV Protect and LUMINOUS 630 Anti Dark-spot Even Tone Night Cream. The products contain W630, an active ingredient patented by Beiersdorf that reduces pigmentation and age spots, gently and efficiently lightens blemishes and acne marks, whitens and brightens, and is therefore known by consumers as the “strongest whitening ingredient on the planet”.



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