Skincare Consultation Platform GetHarley Secured $52 Million Funding

GetHarley, the London-based online skincare consultation platform, has secured a $52 million funding round led by Index Ventures, a current investor in the company.

GetHarley, the London-based online skincare consultation platform that links customers with skincare clinicians and customized skincare products, has secured $52 million in funding with Index Ventures as the leading investor.

GetHarley was established in London in 2019 by Charmaine Chow. It is a telemedicine platform that provides direct access to licensed skincare professionals, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons, who offer recommendations for skincare products and treatments for a variety of conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, rosacea, melasma, and other.

GetHarley is marketed as a convenient and cost-effective personalized skincare solution. It allows customers to virtually consult with top-tier skincare professionals for a nominal fee and receive expert advice on their skincare needs and treatments. The platform also provides concierge services to help beauty clinics provide customized products to their customers.

GetHarley’s business also includes selling personalized skincare products that cater to individual needs based on factors such as skin type (dry or oily) and skin tone (light or dark). These products can range from cleansers and serums to moisturizers and eye creams.

Before this latest funding round, GetHarley had raised a total of $15 million in two previous funding rounds. Its most recent funding was raised on April 1, 2021, in a Series A round.

Charmaine Chow, CEO and founder of GetHarle said: “The skincare industry is overflowing with false claims, celebrity marketing and thousands upon thousands of choices about how to care for your skin,”

“You end up wasting huge amounts of time, money and energy trying to figure out what works for you. I should know – I looked everywhere for solutions for my challenging skin. And while consumers are being pulled in multiple directions, clinicians are time-poor and overstretched and you can never quite get hold of them. GetHarley solves all this, giving experts a one-stop platform, and helping global consumers get access to the best advice in a crowded marketplace.” Charmaine Chow added.



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