Tmall Released A New Programme to Support the Research and Development of Chinese Ingredients

Tmall, China’s leading e-commerce platform, released the “Recovery Plan for the Vitality of the Beauty Industry”, and launched five measures, including the support plan, the establishment of a full link incubation mechanism for new brands, and strong support for store self-broadcasting, to support industry innovation in new ingredients, new categories, new brands, new content and new channels.

Recently, Taobao Tmall, China’s mainstream e-commerce platform, released the  “Recovery Plan for the Vitality of the Beauty Industry” at the first online summit of CBE (China Beauty Expo), and launched five measures in new ingredients, new categories, new brands, new content and new channels to support the innovation of China’s beauty industry.

During the epidemic, many beauty merchants are facing the supply interruption of overseas raw materials. In order to support the research and development of local raw materials and formulas of Chinese beauty brands, Taobao Tmall’s “Recovery Plan for the Vitality of the Beauty Industry” launched the annual support plan of “Chinese ingredients”.

Raw materials are the core of cosmetics, while the core raw materials of cosmetics are the “chip” of the cosmetics industry. “We will work with brand merchants to create ‘Chinese ingredients’ and promote local cosmetics enterprises to improve their scientific and technological power and innovation,” said Yi Fang, head of Tmall Beauty’s domestic products business.

Yifang pointed out that “Chinese ingredients” is not only the renewal of product packaging and appearance value, but also the innovation of raw materials of Chinese origin, technical innovation of formula, innovation of production process and the using feeling of consumers as well. In order to seize the new trend and new business opportunities of effective skin care, we have to develop new products and create hot products, to promote Chinese beauty to reduce costs, improving product quality while winning more consumers’ love.

Over the past year, Chinese beauty brands such as Pechoin, Pien Tze Huang and Ma Yinglong have achieved rapid performance growth and brand renewal through the layout of effective products. Winona, who focuses on the sensitive skin, was again one of the top 10 international brands of Tmall beauty brand in terms of turnover last year, standing side by side with international brands on Tmall “618” and “Double 11”.

During the Promotion period of  “3.8” , 2022, the live broadcast room of Estee Lauder’s official flagship store on Tmall once again exceeded 100 million yuan (more than $0.15 million). And the self broadcasting room of hundreds of beauty brands achieved rapid growth, of which the turnover of 9 brands increased by more than 10 times, including Chinese cutting-edge beauty brands such as QuadHA, Timage, Amiro, Sky Tree and Into You.

According to the “Recovery Plan for the Vitality of the Beauty Industry”, Tmall will continue to upgrade its category support plan this year, publish trend white papers, establish group standards, and promote the planning and standardized development of the industry.

In addition, there is a special measure for new brands: Establishing a full link incubation mechanism to provide support for traffic, activities, new product research and development, user operation, brand IP building and other services according to different growth stages of the brand, as well as services such as customer counseling, face-to-face diagnosis, anchor selection meeting, inclination of ecological resources and so on.

At the same time, the “Plan” will also promote the integration of online and offline channels, help offline cosmetics stores to get in touch with the Internet and transform further, and help online brands to lay out offline channels and improve the ability to resist risks.

After the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai, the growth of department store channels in Tmall has brought new opportunities to businesses. For example, LAMER urgently transferred goods from Shanghai warehouse to Zhejiang Haining warehouse of Intime Department Store, realizing the normal sales through offline channels and saving  its precious business opportunities.



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