Brand Case Studies

We analyze hundreds of beauty brands in China and selected the most representive ones for demonstration.

What are the factors of brand selection for the brand series report?

The main reference is the popularity of the brand, and three directions will be referred to. Brand market size is large/fast growth rate, the existence of hot events in the last 3 months, and the brand is ranked TOP10 in the industry where the brand is located.

What research methods are used in this series of reports?

Consider and evaluate the macro environment of the industry in which the brand is located. The brand is dismantled and its core competitive advantages are identified through the analysis of influencing factors, etc.

What are the content sections of this series of reports?

The brand report includes eight contents: why is popular, brand introduction, track introduction, product layout, core play, hot cases, consumer evaluation, and future development.

What are the sources of data used in this series of reports?

CHAILEEDO database, e-commerce platform sales data, Qiangua/Feigua data, financial reports of listed companies, authoritative media, consulting companies, etc.

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