China Beauty Consumer Trends Report on 2023 Q3

The “Beauty Consumer Trend Report (Third Quarter 2023)” is produced by Chaileedo Research. Chaileedo Research is an intelligence expert in the beauty industry, focusing on insights into new markets, new channels, and new categories in the beauty industry. The report provides objective, forward-looking, and inspiring insights for beauty companies around the world and provides professional industry market data for beauty practitioners.

The report predicts future consumer behavior by gaining insights into consumer needs and analyzing consumption facts. It gives suggestions to respond to changes in consumer demand through brand cases. Consumer trend analysis, insights, and recommendations are conducted around the behavior of consumers in the past 3 months and the next 3 months.


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  • Douyin platform breaks through, consumer impulse weakens.
  • Domestic brands shine with impressive performance, showing high growth rates and market shares far exceeding foreign high-end brands.
  • Survival space for domestic brands during the June 18th shopping festival on Douyin is squeezed.
  • Live streaming attracts a high increment of audience preferring drama scenes and festival gifting scenarios.
  • Talented individuals drive product promotion and trendsetting as a new trend.
  • Outdoor sports see expanded offline marketing channels, with increased demand for secondary throw and travel-sized packaging.
  • Sample economy surges, experiential kits paired with repurchase marketing create new strategies.
  • “Couple economy” fuels a surge in demand for men’s beauty products.
  • Home beauty devices leverage the “technology skincare concept + AI trends” to effectively cultivate interest.

Key Stats to learn

  • Cosmetics market reached 402.7 billion yuan in H1 2023 (3.5% YoY growth).
  • Taobao leads with 58% market share, followed by Douyin (33%) and (9%).
  • Douyin’s growth rate is 14%, while’s declined by 15%.
  • Douyin’s sales on skincare declined in May and June, indicating consumer caution after big promotions.
  • Douyin’s beauty live stream interest group: 210 million users, mainly women aged 24-40.
  • Brands can leverage men’s beauty trends through “couples’ topics” and targeted strategies.
  • Notable growth in sales for men’s beauty products on platforms like Tmall.
  • Brands are attracting male consumers with “couples’ topics” and focused strategies.

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