Chaileedo are proud to introduce the world's first cosmetic crowd-testing project (CTP) - allowing you to test out the newest products for free! All you need to do is to sign up from our website, receive a free product and provide your honest feedback for the product with at least 100 words by leaving a review on social media or our review box. Don't forget to use the hashtags #ChaileedoCTP #Chaileedo #Crowdtesting #cbeauty! Let us know what you think and make your opinion heard! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to be part of the revolutionary way of testing cosmetics.

CTP Projects are ships-free and no-return For every influencer, you can only redeem ONE (set) of each product.

Multiple orders of one product or Multiple same product(s) in one order may result in a permanent ban from our projects.

CTP Privacy Policy

Step 1: Validate Your Social Profile

Step 2: Choose the Product You Want to Test

Step 3: Wait for Your Product to Arrive

Step 4: Test the Product, Give us Honest Review

You MUST submit an Honest Review within 7 days of arrival either on our product page or on your social media with tags of @Chaileedo #cbeauty #CTProject #BrandName

Otherwise, you will be removed and blocked from entering any future campaigns.

​Successful participants will be first notified to secure future CTP products.

Step 5: Stay Tuned for the Next Campaign or Try other Product

CTP Disclaimer:

All products listed here belong to their original brands and Chaileedo is authorized by the brands to initiate the test. The products may not be suitable for all skin types or people. You may be subject to any risks in participating in the projects.

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