The Flourishing Market of Multifunctional Base Makeup in China

As consumer skincare awareness rises, base makeup has evolved from being purely cosmetic to incorporating nourishing, sun protection, and anti-aging properties. The new trend in base makeup is about merging makeup and skincare seamlessly.

Industry Leaders Investing in Base Makeup

Major beauty conglomerates are investing in the base makeup sector. For instance, in June 2022, the parent company of Vely Vely, Be-Attini Group, participated in a series A funding round for a base makeup brand, signaling a strong push in this direction.

Base Makeup Set to Exceed 600 Billion Yuan by 2025

Between 2017 and 2022, the base makeup market exhibited an annual compound growth rate of 15.2%, which, though slightly slower than the overall cosmetic market, remains robust. Notably, Saint Laurent saw the highest YoY sales growth, while Mary Kay saw the largest decline in YoY sales. The top 10 products ranged in price from 100 to 450 yuan, reflecting diverse consumer preferences.

Consumers Prioritize Multifunctional Base Makeup

On platforms like Little Red Book, consumer interest in base makeup extends beyond appearances. Most of the top 50 searches for base makeup focus on skin texture and feel. Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning, prioritizing products that cater to their specific needs over blindly following popular brands.

Base Makeup: A Daily Essential

An astounding 82% of consumers use base makeup daily, creating a substantial consumer base. Furthermore, 96% of consumers prefer base makeup products that offer skincare benefits. In particular, 64% opt for base makeup suitable for oily skin, while 40% seek options for dry skin, highlighting the demand for multifunctionality.

Research and Development Drive Market Growth

Base makeup products differentiate themselves from the cosmetics market by emphasizing precision and repeatability over rapid iterations. The prolonged contact with facial skin demands a unique emphasis on quality and efficacy.

Cross-Industry Collaborations Foster Trust

Many brands have embraced cross-industry collaborations to connect with diverse consumer groups. By engaging with different content creators and user communities, brands can effectively convey their messages, resonate with consumers, and gain rapid exposure.

Scene-Based Marketing Enhances Customer Experience

Scene-based marketing, as demonstrated by Blank ME’s “Capture the Summer Vitality” campaign, engages users in real-life scenarios. This approach, through challenges and reviews in contexts like sports and cooking, highlights the product’s effectiveness in coping with daily sweat and wear.

Future Developments

  • Research and Development as a Catalyst for Multifunctional Base Makeup

The development of base makeup products is significantly more complex than many other cosmetics. It requires blending cosmetic and skincare attributes seamlessly, thus becoming a key focus area for brands.

  • Innovative Technologies Shape the Future

Technological advancements will play a pivotal role in improving and expanding the multifunctional base makeup market. Collaborations with research institutions and investment in cutting-edge technologies will drive innovation in product formulations.

Multifunctional base makeup has emerged as a vibrant and lucrative segment within the cosmetics industry. Its ability to provide both cosmetic and skincare benefits aligns with the evolving demands of consumers. Brands that invest in research, technology, and customer engagement strategies are poised to succeed in this dynamic and growing market. As the industry continues to innovate, multifunctional base makeup is set to thrive, offering consumers an ever-improving range of options to meet their unique beauty and skincare needs.

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