Beiersdorf AG Investing a Start-up for Dermatological Appointments

Beiersdorf AG invested in a start-up for digital dermatological appointments, called Dermanostic.

Beiersdorf AG said Tuesday that it is investing in a start-up for digital dermatological appointments, called Dermanostic.

The maker of Nivea, Eucerin and La Prairie products is taking an undisclosed stake in the Düsseldorf, Germany-based start-up through its Oscar&Paul Beiersdorf Venture Capital unit.

Teledermatology is a growing space, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, making derm-related apps with advisory services alluring to investors.

The way Dermanostic works is that people can book a service seven days a week, 24 hours a day, for 25 euros, no matter where they are located. A diagnosis by an experienced dermatologist is given within 24 hours after someone has uploaded three photographs and filled out a questionnaire about their medical history.

People can find information on the offers and services through, as well as

“We believe digital health and teledermatology offer huge potential, especially among the younger target group,” Ascan Voswinckel, head of Oscar&Paul Beiersdorf Venture Capital, said in a statement. “Digital dermatologist appointments offer our customers significant added value as they allow for swift, straightforward, inexpensive and professional advice regarding their skin indication. As such, Dermanostic’s new digital service is the perfect fit for our Eucerin brand and innovatively complements our dermocosmetic brand’s digital consumer journey.”

“The collaboration with Dermanostic is a relevant aspect of our digitalization strategy,” said Cornelius Becker, head of Derma at Beiersdorf. “Especially in these times of COVID-19 and physical distancing, we must find digital ways of offering our consumers the right advice to solve their skin problems. By engaging in close communication with the experts at Dermanostic, we can learn from one another and thus do even better at establishing digital closeness with our consumers.”

Becker added that the tie-in underlines Beiersdorf’s believe in the “life-changing power of dermatological skin care.”




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