Changing Marketing Strategies Made Fresh Flourishing in China

"To extend the Chinese market, we are constantly developing new concepts which will follow the process of the research on Chinese market." Lev, the founder of the Fresh, said.

The story of Fresh began in community retail store and has grown into a globally renowned lifestyle brand with a full range of skin care, lip care, body and fragrance products that are unique to the sensory experience. Its special textures and pleasant aromas touch the senses and products are scientifically proven to be highly effective. Fresh are acclaimed for their combination of efficacy and pleasure.

In 1991, Mr. Lev Glazman and Ms. Alina Roytberg created an artful soap that gave birth to the classic brand of Fresh. For three decades, Fresh has remained to its original vision. It draws inspiration from time-honored beauty wisdom, travels the world to find the natural ingredients used in them and uses modern science as a foundation to transform seemingly mundane natural ingredients into effective and enjoyable skin care products.

The price of Fresh is not really cheap. But it set an unique characteristic in market because of its unique culture and natural formulas with many consumers willing to pay for it. Certainly it received many offers from beauty giants. After receiving several offers from major conglomerates, the two founders signed an agreement with LVMH in 2000 to sell a majority stake in the company.

Supported by the luxury giant LVMH, Fresh not only has access to the capital, management talent and distribution channels needed for market expansion but also enjoys operational autonomy. Today, Fresh products are available worldwide and the product line has been greatly improved to include fragrances, skin care, body care, color cosmetics, hair care and home products, which are available in boutiques and high-end beauty salons.

In 2012, Fresh entered China. However, the pace of development of Fresh was not very fast when it first entered China and its marketing strategy was relatively conservative. For the online channel as an instance, Fresh only completed the launch of its official website in China in October 2016.

Some industry insiders say that before “omnichannel” became a popular label in the cosmetics industry, high-end beauty brands didn’t have much choice. Fresh, for example, has been sold in the boutique in the past to fit its own “natural” concept and high-end identity. But after a certain level of development, it must try to enter the e-commerce channels led by Tmall in order to capture a larger volume of consumer groups and access to a large database support.

In February 2017, Fresh settled in Tmall with the its official flagship store. As of October 25, 2021, the official flagship store has 4.25 million followers and 91 SKUs on Tmall with prices ranging from $18.80 to $487.33. Its “Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask” is the highest selling product in the flagship store with monthly sales of 8,000+ and a unit price of $51.71.

On September 2, 2020, Fresh celebrated its fourth Fresh Tmall Super Brand Day. On this occasion, the brand joined hands with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the world’s top three museums, to create an immersion with the theme of “Art and Nature”.

On the day of the campaign, Fresh limited edition Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence was sold in a craze, with the sales increasing by 300% in its store compared to the same campaign in previous year. Members also tripled last year with an increase of nearly 200,000. The exposure of the campaign increased by 500%, setting a new record for Fresh’s Tmall Super Brand Day in previous years.

In July 2021, Fresh announced the opening of its new retail store in the Hainan Tourism Investment Duty Free Mall in downtown Sanya, which is the first retail counter to open outside of Europe with Lagardère Travel Retail. Ji-Un Han, General Manager of Fresh Travel Retail in Asia Pacific, said, “This opening is part of Fresh’s continued expansion of the brand in Hainan and marks an exciting opportunity for growth we see in the Chinese market.”

In August 2021, Fresh entered the TikTok E-commerce and collaborated with TikTok KOLs for a live broadcast on August 18. In that single live broadcast, Fresh achieved a stunning performance of live GMV over $3,948,800 and a cumulative views of over 4,234,600.

Lev, the founder of the Fresh, has said in interviews that the brand concerns about expanding distribution and opening up new markets like Asia. For example, the sake collection is inspired by Japan and also caters to the habits of Japanese consumers. In China, on the other hand, the black tea and rose collections are more popular. “To extend the Chinese market, we are constantly developing new concepts which will follow the process of the research on Chinese market.” Lev said.



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