China’s Most Fragrant Toothpaste With Over 100,000 Daily Volumes

The Chinese oral care brand blispring and genderlessess fashion brand WHIKO jointly launched a new chewing gum-flavoured toothpaste. Blispring was established in 2019 and gum-flavoured toothpaste is its representative product. The sales volume of bispring’s first product exceeded 12 million within 3 months of its launch (equivalent to more than 100,000 daily sales volumes). In 2021, the GMV of blispring reached more than 65 million on online platforms.

The new chewing gum-flavoured toothpaste launched this time is called Hawthorn Love and Raw Coconut Blossom, claiming to use Alpine glacier water, xylitol, phytic acid dodecasodium from rice and other ingredients.

According to the official website of blispring, the brand is a high-end oral care brand launched in 2019, focusing on the applications of fresh breath and oral fragrance. Under the technical guidance of the French CISCO&CAMPARI laboratory, the first chewing gum-flavoured toothpaste in China was developed by combining the weak alkaline glacier water of the French Alps and the international refined fragrance. The positioning of blispring is young, trendy, fashionable and colourful.

In October 2019, blispring’s first product was launched with its sales revenue exceeding 12 million yuan within 3 months (equivalent to more than 100,000 daily sales volume). Less than half a year after blispring was launched on Tmall, it became the top 1 in toothpaste sales volume.

In May 2021, omnichannel sales exceeded 80 million yuan (about $11.9 million) and ranked first in the oral categories on TikTok and Kwai for more than a year, of which TikTok’s monthly sales volumes reached more than 35 million, Tmall always has ranked in stably in the top 8 and Watsons can also occupy the top 3 seats.

As an emerging brand, blispring started from “mouth fragrance” as an attraction at the beginning of its birth, it carried out a category innovation and became an unexpected winner in the Chinese toothpaste market.

In terms of product research and development, blispring avoids traditional functional products and caters to young consumers who pursue taste, beauty and social preferences. It enters the market with the concept of chewing toothpaste and successively launches various types of chewing toothpaste with unique tastes, such as the chewing gum-flavoured toothpaste series, with different flavours like peach, cherry, mint, white tea, cucumber and orange. In addition, there are also milk tea flavoured toothpaste, ice cream flavoured toothpaste, chocolate flavoured toothpaste and other series.

In order to stand out, blispring toothpaste has made great efforts in the aspect of “mouth fragrance”. The fragrance components of blispring toothpaste are extracted from natural flowers and fruits. Moreover, blispring has joined hands with the world’s four top fragrance companies and international fragrance masters, creating a pleasant fragrance that is difficult to have in its rivalry products with its fragrance being closer to the fragrance of real flowers and fruits.

But at the same time, such high R&D and production costs have also led to the fact that blispring targets the mid-to-high-end market and sets its pricing relatively high. Blispring’s flagship store on Tmall shows that the brand’s toothpaste products are priced from $6 (children’s toothpaste) to $74 (chewing gum-flavoured toothpaste gift box).

In addition to the toothpaste category, blispring is also constantly expanding its product categories, which currently cover adult toothpaste, children’s toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, oral spray, electric toothbrushes and other categories.

In terms of technology research and development, blispring has more than 20 patents and cooperates with universities and scientific research institutions in formula research.

In terms of channels, blispring pays attention to multi-line parallelization, covering a wide range of traditional e-commerce platforms such as Tmall,, Vipshop, SUNING and Pinduoduo. It also focuses on the early-stage recommendations in new e-commerce channels and social platforms like TikTok, Kwai, Xiaohongshu and other platforms with a large amount of content being placed.

Among them, on TikTok, the mainstream live streaming platform and short video platform in China, blispring pays attention to interesting and rich content display methods, such as evaluation, plot and other forms, to show the aroma characteristics of products to target users and to create a marketing selling point that is just needed for a quality life.

In the product packaging design, blispring boldly chooses a multi-colour outer packaging with pink and blue as the main colours of the brand. Pink represents sensibility and is full of romance, which is in line with blispring’s mouth fragrance concept. Blue shows the scientific research and technical level of the product, which not only conforms to the brand personality of young, fashionable and trendy but also stimulates the senses of consumers with an innovative vision.

As an innovative brand that only entered the market in the second half of 2019, in less than three years, blispring’s GMV in 2021 increased by 300% year-on-year, with offline coverage of more than 30,000 outlets and over 65 million kinds of toothpaste sold online.

Blispring’s shining performance has also attracted the favour of capitalists. At present, blispring has completed tens of millions of dollars in A and A+ rounds of financing and B rounds of financing.

This co-branding with the genderless trendy brand WHIKO is another cross-over cooperation after blispring launched the blispring Taohuayuan toothpaste with the “Back to Field Season Ⅴ” (a very popular variety show in China) and the popular IP “Iris”.

At present, cooperation with classic IP and cross-border brands has become a marketing trend for major brands. It can be seen that blispring has also taken this step. Judging from the outstanding achievements of blispring in the past in terms of research and development, channels and packaging design, its follow-up performance in brand marketing is also very expected.

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