Chinese High-end Beauty Brand MAOGEPING Launched its Digital Collectibles

Recently, Intime Department Store, together with Chinese high-end beauty brand MAOGEPING, launched the first limited edition “Da Dian” series of digital collectibles, which was launched on February 14, 2022, at 0:00 pm(China Standard Time).

Digital collectibles are the new trend this year.

Chinese high-end beauty brand MAOGEPING, together with Chinese department store Intime Department Store, launched the first limited edition “Da Dian” series of digital collectibles, which launched on February 14, 2022, at 0:00 pm. The series has two collectibles – Da Dian Phoenix Totem and Da Dian Double Phoenix Fan limited to 1,000 pieces.

The so-called digital collections are specific works, artworks, and commodities that are digitized and uniquely identified using blockchain technology. Each digital collection is mapped with a unique serial number on a specific blockchain and cannot be tampered with, divided, or substituted for each other.

As the younger generation becomes more receptive to virtual objects. Digital collections have a smooth start and are becoming an effective means of communication between more and more brands and young people. Some experts believe that the future of consumerism is hidden in virtual products. After all, the capacity of the physical closet is limited but the virtual closet can be extended infinitely.

It is reported that the series of digital collections are personally conceived and created by Mr. Mao Geping, the famous Chinese make-up artist and brand founder. With the theme of the Chinese grand ceremony of joyful charm and magnificence, it combined with the image of the phoenix, the traditional totem of the East in the color scheme of festive and solemn red and gold, symbolizing the classical craft of red lacquer tracing gold and shallow relief carving, designed and built with collection-level 3D model accuracy. It will be disseminated and distributed through Intime Department Store.

“The digital collection itself is a relatively new form of art dissemination and MAOGEPING joins hands with Intime Department Store to try out the development of digital collection hoping to bring a different artistic experience to customers.” Song Hong, General Manager of MAOGEPING Brand Division, said.” Intime Department Store is a very important partner of MAOGEPING for a long time, which also gives the brand’s aesthetic communication stronger kinetic energy.”

For big brands, offline counters are a powerful channel for the brand concepts to be presented completely and the cascading effect and brand loyalty created by users at counters is much higher than on other platforms. Through the digital capability precipitated in the early stage, Intime Department Store can also build a closed loop for the marketing and operation of the brand in the department store field online and offline.

It is reported that Intime Department Store invites MAOGEPING to hold more than two large-scale roadshows in the mall every year. The brands turned the mall into a showground where MAOGEPING’s products, makeup, and aesthetics are presented. The launch of this digital collection is a new attempt by both parties to explore new retail.

Just recently, MAOGEPING’s counter sales at Intime Department Store in Wenzhou Shimao won the No. 1 in China in 2021, which is also the fourth consecutive year the brand has been happy with the No. 1 counter in China at Yintai Department Store.



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