Consumer Healthcare SaaS+ Trading Platform Linkedcare Completes Series D+ Funding

The consumer healthcare “SaaS+ transaction” platform, Linkedcare, has completed a Series D+ round of funding from Cowin Capital and Gan Jiawei. This is the second round of financing for LinkHealth this year.

China’s consumer healthcare “SaaS+ transaction” platform, Linkedcare, completed a Series D+ round of funding from Cowin Capital and Gan Jiawei. This is the second round of financing for LinkHealth this year. In June of this year, Linkedcare announced the completion of a $100 million Series D round of funding led by Investcorp followed by former shareholders of investment institution including Matrix Partners China.

After this round of funding, Linkedcare will strengthen its coverage of small-town and rural markets and capabilities of service and will establish regional service teams in third and fourth tier cities in China in 2022 to significantly expand its coverage area and scale.

Specifically, the company will continue to strengthen its supply chain capabilities and scale up SKUs to 30,000+. In addition to the Shanghai warehouse, additional warehouses are expected to be set up in Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu in 2022 to radiate more dental institutions. Secondly, it will further increase investment in product development and continue to improve the product strength of eDentist, eDentist Mall and Linkedcare’s Yuerong Medical Beauty SaaS software. It is reported that, Linkedcare has established a deep learning algorithm team in order to strengthen the platform construction and AI research and development capabilities,.

Founded in 2015, Linkedcare focuses on the consumer medical dental and aesthetic industry. It uses digital technology to promote industrial change and connect the industry upstream and downstream and ecological partners through the “SaaS+X” model: on the one hand, it provides a digital foundation for the supply chain through the SaaS model to connect people, processes, equipment and services. On the other hand, it improves the overall operational efficiency of the industry based on the supply chain and value-added service capabilities.

Based on “eDentist” and “eDentist mall”, Linkedcare has formed a two-wheel drive business model in the dental field. Since its establishment, the business maintained an annual growth of more than 100% and has so far reached cooperation with 400+ upstream manufacturers, providing 15,000+ SKUs, which can meet the daily procurement needs of dental medical institutions.

In the aesthetic medicine industry, Linkedcare Yuerong Aesthetic Medicine SaaS increased its investment in product development and brought a 150% increase in performance compared to 2020. Linkedcare Yuerong Aesthetic Medicine become a SaaS leader in the aesthetic medicine industry. In response to China’s relevant policies, Linkedcare Yuerong Aesthetic Medicine increased the development of clinical and quality control functions and supported a series of intelligent clinical system functions such as four-level electronic medical record review and electronic signature.

Throughout the industry, SaaS is a key tool for the industry to solve the difficulties of operation and management. With the rapid growth of the consumer healthcare market – the existing size exceeded $94.2 billion and is growing at over 30% – many businessmen also see the opportunities in this category.



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