Florasis’s Server Overseas Marketing Company WOTOKOL Receives Investment

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Florasis brand overseas marketing company “WOTOKOL” received tens of millions of yuan A round of investment from Junpin Capital and Netjoy. At present, WOTOKOL has a database covering 3 million global internet celebrities and offers services to more than 2,000 brands such as SHEIN, Perfect Diary and Florasis.

On April 26, Beijing time, WOTOKOL, a Chinese overseas marketing company, announced that it had received tens of millions of yuan of A round investment from Junpin Capital and Netjoy. It is understood that WOTOKOL was established in 2015 and is a technology-driven data service, focusing on cross-border influencers’ marketing promotion services in China’s new internet company. It also created an overseas red data marketing analysis platform – WOTOKOL. At present, WOTOKOL has a database covering 3 million global internet celebrities, offering services to more than 2,000 brands such as Perfect Diary, Florasis and MAOGEPING.

When WOTOKOL was helping the Chinese makeup brand Perfect Diary to increase the exposure of new products on YouTube and promote sales revenue in Vietnam, WOTOKOL chose a Vietnamese beauty blogger with an outstanding appearance and huge following on social media. First of all, the blogger showed the makeup co-branded by Perfect Diary and CGO to the camera, and then the blogger also wore the makeup outside after making the makeup teaching video, which intuitively showed the effect of makeup. Finally, many Vietnamese users on YouTube interacted with bloggers, saying they were impressed by Perfect Diary’s new product.

While offering service to another Chinese makeup brand, Florasis, a completely different strategy was adopted by WOTOKOL. To enhance the influence of the Florasis brand in Europe and the United States and increase brand publicity, WOTOKOL first invited a large number of KOLs and KOCs to launch Florasis marketing videos on YouTube, Ins, TikTok and other platforms. These celebrities used the traditional makeup box exclusively designed by Florasis to apply makeup, try products, display makeup as well as beauty teaching in the form of video or live streaming, which visually displayed product characteristics, help Florasis achieve content placement and improve the brand voice.

After the completion of this round of financing, WOTOKOL will expand the scale of overseas internet celebrities who are signed exclusively, update the WotoHub internet celebrity marketing platform and promote the ecological business based on the TikTok social media platform.

Although there are many overseas service platforms in China now, the advantage of WOTOKOL is that it can provide customers with over 150,000 overseas celebrity resources in 27 languages in 103 countries around the world, including many vertical internet celebrity resources, which are not available in other Chinese companies engaged in overseas internet celebrity marketing.

In addition, WOTOKOL also created an overseas celebrity data marketing analysis platform–WOTOKOL in 2018, which can empower Chinese brands to go overseas through the exchanging, screening, labeling operation and marketing of global internet celebrity resources to realize the data, customization and convenience of overseas celebrity marketing. Nowadays, WOTOKOL has become a SaaS tool WotoHub covering overseas celebrity search, business value analysis, marketing automation, competitor data insights and product sales promotion data monitoring.

In terms of accuracy, the celebrity data on WotoHub is real, effective, real-time updated and has a strong connection with the celebrity, and also is directly authorized by the celebrity. From the perspective of practicality, WotoHub optimized the marketing scenario of celebrities before the WOTOKOL network. For instance, WotoHub can directly give tools in communication, and can also teach you how to quickly cooperate with celebrities through emails. In everyday situations, it can also help you understand the situation after different products are launched.

When this round of capital injection is finished, Wotohub is going to embrace the update of a third version.




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