Focusing on Maternal and Infant Skin Care to Create High-quality Testing Standards

Ausmetics, an ODM / OEM enterprise of China’s mom and child skin care products, together with Vitargent FishQC, established a “scientific and technological health innovation research center” and set up a special testing laboratory. Through the latter’s “transgenic mackerel medaka embryo chronic toxicity test”, the estrogens toxicity in cosmetics was detected and potential safety risks were found.

On May 13, Beijing time, Ausmetics and Vitargent FishQC, established a “scientific and technological health innovation research center” and set up a special testing laboratory, bringing in “transgenic mackerel medaka embryo chronic toxicity test”, to test the estrogens toxicity in cosmetics and find the potential safety risks of cosmetics in time.

So what exactly are estrogens? What’s the harm?

Estrogens, which is an estrogen-like substance that acts like estrogen when it enters the body. Estrogen in the normal body can keep the human body healthy, but the extra intake of excessive estrogen will upset this balance, resulting in endocrine imbalance and harm.

Estrogen compounds have been proven to cause various diseases, such as cancer, decreased reproductive capacity, nervous system disorders, precocious puberty in children, diabetes, etc; Among them, pregnant women and children are particularly high-risk groups of estrogen-like chronic toxic substances.

In cosmetics, such as Paraben preservatives and bisphenol A, which is used to prolong the fragrance in perfume, is similar to estrogen. In addition, some sunscreens, preservatives, essence, fragrances and some “efficacy” raw materials are also estrogen-like, which will disturb the endocrine system and increase the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, infertility and other health risks.

Earlier, the baby cream “big head doll ” incident officially reported by the health commission of Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China was suspected of illegal hormone addition.

In 2021, a blogger revealed that a parent used the “Yifuling multi-effect special care bacteriostatic cream” produced by Fujian Ouai baby health care products Co., Ltd. for her child, and the baby girl who was only 5 months old turned into a “big head doll” weighing 22 kg, and had symptoms such as growth retardation, hairiness and swollen face. Parents took the baby to China’s authoritative hospital for examination and learned that the baby is most likely due to the use of hormone ointment. At this time, parents suspect that there is a problem with the “yifuling multi-effect special care bacteriostatic cream” used by their daughter.

It was revealed that the blogger sent “Yifuling multi-effect special care bacteriostatic cream” and another baby cream “Happy Forest” from the same manufacturer to Chinese professional institutions for testing. The test results contained more than 30 (mg / kg) hormones (clobetasopronate).

According to the National Medical Products Administration of China, clobetasopronate belongs to glucocorticoids. Long-term use of products containing glucocorticoids may lead to problems such as facial skin black spots, atrophy and thinning, and hormone-dependent dermatitis.

With the occurrence of the “big head doll” and other events, the Chinese and local relevant departments have strictly controlled and severely punished children’s cosmetics, and the market has been able to get out of chaos. Today, the implementation of China’s “Regulations on the supervision and administration of children’s cosmetics” and “Little Golden Shield” has further standardized the market and put a tight spell on the brand.

However, it is undeniable that consumers lag behind manufacturers and brands in obtaining, recognizing and understanding information, whether it is new regulations or exclusive marks. Once the wrong cognition is used and magnified by intentional enterprises, it will do harm to the benign development of the market.

Therefore, starting from the enterprise itself, only by giving play to the leading role of the brand, doing legal and compliance publicity, and doing a good job in the correct consumer education of new regulations and new things, can we further improve the recognition of the brand in the hearts of consumers and realize the improvement of brand strength.


Ausmetics:Founded in 1998, is now an ODM / OEM enterprise of China’s mom and child skin care product.Four major production bases have been established in Australia and China, and cooperative relations have been established with many well-known beauty brands such as ALF, Sangu, etc.

Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited:Hong Kong Biotechnology testing platform, which was established in 2010, has the world’s largest biological toxicity database of daily consumer goods. In 2017, the company launched the world’s first consumer product safety and efficacy information platform with biotechnology as the core–” FishQC”.

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