Founder of Chinese Skincare Brand Forest Cabin Accused Unfair Competition from Chanel

Sun Laichun, founder of Chinese skin care brand Forest Cabin, posted on Chinese social media accusing the famous French luxury skin care brand Chanel of unfair competition against Forest Cabin.

On January 3, Sun Laichun, founder of Chinese skincare brand Forest Cabin, posted on Chinese social media accusing the famous French luxury skincare brand Chanel of unfair competition against Forest Cabin.

In his post, Sun pointed out that Forest Cabin had never initiated a war with international brands. But Chanel as an internationally renowned brand had poached many front-line employees of Forest Cabin. He accused that the change that Chanel turned into the red camellia skincare sector is not a coincidence but a premeditated one.

After that, he posted that this is “the most fierce attack on Forest Cabin since the start of the business. This defense war matters our living and death but also matters whether China’s first high-end cosmetics brand can stand out”. He pointed out that “there is no way back as a country and an enterprise” calling on consumers to pay attention.

For Sun Chunlai’s bombardment, Chanel has not yet made any response.

Chanel’s beauty line is in full swing to promote the “czar” red-camellia-based ingredients of the skincare line and tapped Wang Yibo, Liu Wen, Zhang Junning and other Chinese celebrities to endorse their brand. The product has not been officially announced but Chanel’s publicity blog on Weibo, Chinese social media, has more than 1 million reweibo. According to the official website, the product is planned to be officially released on January 5.

According to public information, Forest Cabin was founded in 2003 and it is a local original brand in Shanghai, China. It is committed to creating its products by Chinese traditional herbs as raw materials to produce safe and natural cosmetics. With its new category “Camellia oil” and “strong repair, anti-aging”, it is loved by young people in first-tier and new first-tier cities in China and has quickly entered the high-end skincare market in China.

Forest Cabin has completed two rounds of funding with hundreds of millions yuan in A and B. In November 2021, Forest Cabin completed A round of funding with hundreds of millions yuan led by SIG and followed by Tou Tou Shi Dao Fund and Country Garden Capital and other institutions. Less than 10 months later, Forest Cabin received another B round of funding with hundreds of millions yuan led by MIRAE Asset and followed by SIG and Country Garden Capital. It is reported that after two rounds of financing, the valuation of the brand has increased more than three times.



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