Givenchy Broaden Online Channels to Gain Larger Chinese Market Share

The rapid development of the Internet and e-commerce in China has led to a closer connection between high-end cosmetic brands and Chinese consumers and has opened up a wider market for them bringing the brands' reputation and sales to a higher level.

Givenchy founded the perfume brand in 1957, its first perfume was developed for Audrey Hepburn, named “Taboo”. This perfume is very consistent with temperament of Hepburn with classic, elegant, simple and noble all in one. It is actually the incarnation of Audrey Hepburn. Then, in 1989, Givenchy began to launch a makeup and skincare line. Its concept is that bringing beauty and confidence to all women and live their own wonderful lives.

Givenchy’s classic logo is a combination of four “G” letters and the word GIVENCHY in bold letters, which is Givenchy’s treasure.

The design of its logo means, Gneteel, Grace, Gaiety, Givenchy. The concept of “4G” has been closely linked to its own products since its inception.

The rapid development of the Internet and e-commerce in China has led to a closer connection between high-end cosmetic brands and Chinese consumers and has opened up a wider market for them bringing the brands’ reputation and sales to a higher level.

With Armani access into Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall on January 16, 2018, the opening day of its Tmall flagship store saw sales of $2,641,800 with the red tube lip glaze setting a new record for high-end lipsticks and attracting 820,000+ followers.

Givenchy finally couldn’t stay calm any more and launched its Tmall flagship store in March 2018 perhaps it was stimulated by its competitors. Although it is a late arrival of the “elegant”, but in no way affects its popularity in the hearts of Chinese consumers.

On the opening day, 4.6 million consumers viewed the store, which set a new record in traffic for official flagship store opening. Not only that, the turnover exceeded 4,475,500 dollars when the opening day, which also broke the former record on Tmall platform.

Among the many records broken, the most amazing one is still the lipstick. According to public data, the store sold 58,000 lipstick, and the hot product LUMINOUS MATTE HIGH COVERAGE sold over $2,486,400 on the opening day.

The remarkable record gained by Givenchy played an important role on its brand development. For these international cosmetic brands supported by large group and global markets, the sales results achieved by their store in Tmall will promote reversely the development of the brand’s supply chain and other structural levels and increasing the power of discourse of the Chinese market in its global layout.

In December 2018, Givenchy opened its first global boutique in Nanjing. In December 2019, Givenchy opened its first boutique in Guangzhou. In June 2020, Givenchy opened its first boutique in Shanghai.

Givenchy tend to interpret the image of a classically elegant product with a way that is more closer to Chinese consumers. The opening of several Givenchy boutiques marks another step towards the brand’s strategic goal of further expanding its Chinese retail market by opening stores in very dynamic and promising cities in China.

On July 15, 2021, Givenchy Beauty announced its official entry into China’s e-commerce platform Jingdong. Givenchy’s full line of makeup products was launched as soon as the store opened in Jingdong. For the cooperation between Givenchy and Jingdong Beauty, Zhang Qian, General Manager of Givenchy Beauty in China, said, “We hope that with the powerful online channel and quality service experience of Jingdong, more high-spending customers will understand and love Givenchy’s brand connotation and quality products and the elegant style of Givenchy Beauty will be delivered to more consumers.”

After the launch of the store, Givenchy will further cooperate with “Jingzunda”, a high-end customized delivery service of Jingdong Logistics and personalized AR makeup trial service to continuously improve consumers’ online experience of buying international beauty brands.



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