Grain Rain Promotes Chinese Culture and Creates a Plant-Based Skincare Brand

Grain Rain, a Chinese fresh brand, incorporates the natural landscape of the Summer Palace and the traditional Chinese cultural heritage. It works together with many outstanding Chinese brands and successfully goes to the world stage to showcase Chinese culture and splendid rivers and mountains.

With the rapid growth of the Chinese economy and the further expansion of its influence in the international community, the cultural confidence of the Chinese people has been greatly enhanced. Taking advantage of this, a large number of Chinese makeup and skincare brands have emerged strongly. They broke the stereotype of Chinese brands from product quality, scientific innovation, raw material sources, and marketing layout. Some brands have also been able to build their own unique competitive advantages by drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese culture and using it to stand out in the competitive cosmetics market. Grain Rain, a Chinese brand is a brand that has been cultivating the efficacy of botanical skincare for 14 years.

Grain Rain is a niche Chinese natural skincare brand founded in 2016. Its predecessor, Grain Rain Skincare Lab, has specialized in the use of precious natural essential ingredients in skincare products for over a decade. Grain Rain adheres to the concept of natural skincare, following the rules of nature, capturing the original power of plant extracts, strictly selecting gentle and reassuring ingredients, and returning to the essence of skin care.

According to the founder of Grain Rain, An’ning Wang, the reason why he named the brand “Grain Rain” is because he has full affirmation and confidence in Chinese cultural values. The inspiration for the name comes from the 24 solar terms, one of the traditional Chinese cultures.

In 2016, Grain Rain was born in Guangzhou. At that time, its brand founder, An’ning Wang, launched the Grain Rain on Taobao live stream and increased sales for Grain Rain with the three core brand elements of culture, nature, and efficacy after several attempts on multiple platforms.

According to the data, sales from Grain Rain’s live stream have been gradually improving since 2017 and monthly sales soon exceeded $77,600. Throughout 2017, the live channel accounted for 70-80% of total sales of Grain Rain. In 2019, hot-selling products of Grain Rain, an amino acid cleanser, spread across the internet with single product sales exceeding $15 million.

However, Grain Rain did not limit its development on the live channel. Grain Rain began to clarify the positioning of “whitening for sensitive skin”. It made further layout in a number of online platforms. For example, it has settled into deep cooperation with Xiaohongshu. On this platform, Grain Rain already has tens of thousands of notes for promotion.

In 2020, the monthly visitors to the online store of Grain Rain reached 30 million, which is more than twice as many as in 2019. This online operational efficiency is considered head-level in the entire beauty industry.

In August 2019, many brands that enjoy the elements of Chinese culture, such as Grain Rain and Liby, also held a joint exhibition with the Tmall platform in Paris, France, “The Country Is So Charming And Beautiful – Cultural Exhibition of Royal Gardens in Qing Dynasty”. The exhibition brought a wonderful Chinese cultural feast to France and the world.

As an excellent representative of the IP, large landscape garden Summer Palace, Grain Rain has launched the Grain Rain – Summer Palace Gift Box, which creatively incorporates traditional Chinese culture and Summer Palace features in both the design and the product.

In the design of this Summer Palace gift box, Grain Rain has taken the traditional architecture of the Summer Palace and the cranes as the main design elements, combined with the brand’s highly advocated concept of “seasonal skincare” to show the four seasons of the Summer Palace.


Grain Rain, a Chinese fresh brand, incorporates the natural landscape of the Summer Palace and the traditional Chinese cultural heritage. It works together with many outstanding Chinese brands and successfully goes oversea on the world stage to showcase Chinese culture and China’s splendid rivers and mountains.



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