Interview: The trend of Chinese cosmetics has turned to R & D

Win in efficacy, welcome the future. On September 22, The 5th CHAILEEDO Conference on China’s Cosmetic Trends hosted by CHAILEEDO was held in Hangzhou.

JALA Group is a digitally driven biotech beauty company. We invited Zou Yue, General Manager of JALA R&D Center, to discuss the market trend of efficacy products in China with us.

Q: First of all, we want to ask what are the characteristics of efficacy communication in China?

A: Thanks to CHAILEEDO for the invitation, Efficacy communication is now about the next one will probably be the evidence-centric. From this point of view, I think it is also closely related to the implementation of the new cosmetic regulations.Any claim has to be based on scientific evidence and test reports.So I think this is a very important dimension of the scientific and technological communication of efficacy.Any efficacy has to be based on evidence.

Q: In your speech, you mentioned that the communication from the professional end to the mass communication, what’s your opinion about that?

A: I think professional communication is a communication between research technicians in a certain field of technology and academy.Then these communications and dissemination are very beneficial in spreading out.There is a gap between the dissemination in the professional field and the dissemination to the public.This is because there are many technical terms that are difficult for the average consumer to understand.This is one of the problems we encountered in the process of spreading our Himalayan-derived super yeast Himalin.At first, we had to sort out the professional material.Then we did some of our own internal releases.We found that our own colleagues could understand it very well,but it would be more difficult for ordinary consumers or the marketing department to understand.

Then when the middle one goes out and sells it. So in the middle of this, we did a lot of conversions.We did the transformation of consumer language, creative and some analogy transformation to facilitate the consumers to understand.At the same time, in the end, it comes back to the product itself.What we care about is the consumer’s feeling of using the product,whether there is efficacy after a period of time,and whether the efficacy report has some existing reports and literature to support the efficacy.So this is a very important aspect of efficacy communication.

Q: So that’s it. When it comes to products, we would like to know what are the differences between Chinese and international efficacy skincare products?

A: In terms of efficacy,We Chinese may have thinner barriers of skin for particularly high-efficiency barriers not as sturdy as Europeans. So it is not very resistant to those components of particularly high-efficiency chemical components.

China may basically be the effect of repairing in well as anti-aging and firming, has been a more important efficacy demand for consumers in these areas.So I think that may be different from Europe and the United States.Then this is because our Oriental skin and European and American skin is not the same.Thus the solution is not the same. JALA which is digitization-driven is actually a very potential business.

Q: So I would like to ask What digitalization has brought to JALA’s research and development empowerment?

A: In the past year and a half,our most important work is to our ingredient information, formula information,safety independent information, efficacy information, as well as claims that all of these information technical information are launched.Thousands of formulations are released.So from this point of view, it is a very important project.

The transformation of digitalization is for R&D.It greatly improved the work efficiency of our R&D center. At the same time, we have realized one-click confirmation of formula transferring to the factory area.That directly connected to SAP seamlessly. In that case, the information from marketing, R&D, supplier can be launched online.Under the control of the epidemic,the digital transformation project of the R&D center has brought important support to the operation of the company in the life and death dimension.

Q: This sounds like a very important point. The last thing we want to ask is what is the trend of R&D in the Chinese cosmetics market?

A: So the trend now is to focus on R&D.You can see that the founders of many brands today are talking about how to do R&D.So from this perspective,I think the future trend is precision.R&D projects and project management of certain sectors that can generate benefits will become very important.So the trend is very difficult to predict.But in the past successful case,we can draw some lessons to predict some future trends.

But the competition of R&D will become very fierce,that is, the competition of enterprises, the competition of product marketing.In the end, it will be reflected in the competition of R&D strength and technology communication.The technological power of the product and the competition of the sense of technology brought by the brand to the consumer. So this competition will be very fierce.This will be a good thing for our Chinese cosmetics market. Because it is the average consumer who benefits.



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