Introduction to Main Cosmetics E-commerce and Live Streaming Platform in China

1. Tmall

Tmall, a business of Alibaba Group, is a B2C shopping website. At present, A total of 150,000 foreign and domestic brands have cooperated with Tmall. In the ‘Hurun Brand List 2020’, Tmall ranks the second with $75.803 billion. For the Tmall’s double eleven promotional campaign,Its transaction amount has increased from $5.417 billion in 2013 to $77.071 billion in 2020; In just seven years, The transaction amount of Tmall’s double eleven promotional campaign has an increasing for 14 times. In 2020, There had 3 cosmetics brand with $773 million sales in Tmall, and the annual sales of 42 cosmetics brands reached to $152 million.

2. JD

JD is a well-known comprehensive B2C shopping platform renowned by fast delivery and genuine product guarantee. At present, The number of third partners and sellers that have signed with JD are more than 0.2 million. In 2020, It’s the fifth time for JD to rank in the ‘Global Fortune 500’, and ranked the 102nd, JD is also the member of Global Fortune 500 company. In the JD’ s double eleven promotional campaign on Nov 11th, 2017, the cumulative transaction amount reached $19.687 million, and then rose to $42.055 million in 2020. In 2021, more and more international brands such as Givenchy, Estee lauder and Clinique have opened online store on JD.


Founded in 2008, VIPSHOP is a shopping platform that mainly sell discount brand products online. By the marketing strategies of ‘ brand discount+ flash sale+genuine product guarantee’, VIPSHOP creates a new mode of e-commerce, which is called as ‘Online Outlets’. Until 2020, its active users reached 83.9 million. In the ‘2021 Global Fortune 500’ VIPSHOP ranks the 104th. At present, There are 30,000 brands has cooperative relationship with VIPSHOP, and the sales volume of cosmetics brand has always shown positive growth.

4. Pinduoduo

Pinduoduo is the third-party socializing e-commerce platform focusing on the C2M group purchase. Through the group purchase with families, friends and neighbors, The users can buy the high quality products with the lowest price. At present, There have 731.3 billion active buyers and 5.1 million active sellers on Pinduoduo. With the $225.636 billion transaction amounts per year, The Pinduoduo has become the second biggest e-commerce platform in China. In February of 2019, Pinduoduo was included in MSCI(Morgan Stanley Capital International), and in September of 2020, Pinduoduo has become the only partner that used the electronic red packet to interact with the audience in 2021 CCTV New Year’s Gala.

5. Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a new shopping platform. Through the short videos, live streaming and other interesting ways, Many creators can provide good, vivid and convenient shopping experience. In 2020, the GMV of Tik Tok’s e-commerce business are more than $77.4 billion, which is 3 times than GMV of 2019. In the promotional campaign on Jun 18th, 2020, There has 7 cosmetic brands with sales of more than $7.74 million , and 22 cosmetic brands with sales of more than $3.096 million.

6. Kuai Shou

Kuai Shou is a consumption and live streaming platform, which means that consumers can go shopping while watching the live streaming. There have 0.1 billion active e-commerce users, and 1 million+ accounts have  the potential operation behaviors. In 2020, The total commodity transaction amounts is $59.009 billion, the repurchase rate is as high as 65%. In terms of its total commodity transaction amounts, Kuai Shou is the second largest e-commerce live streaming platform in the world.



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