LUX: Why has it been One of the Best Seller in China for 97 Years?

LUX is an international brand that is present in more than 100 countries around the world with major markets such as China, India and Japan.

Founded in 1889, LUX, “Sunshine Flakes” as its former name, initially produced only soap for washing clothes. A few years later, its name was changed to LUX from the Latin word for “light”, which also connotes luxury. LUX is an international brand that is present in more than 100 countries around the world with major markets such as China, India and Japan. Today, LUX has provided consumers around the world with unique formulations and premium scented bath products.

In 2003, sales of LUX reached nearly $1.1 billion dollars. In December 2018, the World Brand Lab released the list of “The World’s Top 500 Brands in 2018” and LUX ranked 492nd. In November 2019, LUX was awarded the Top 10 in the “2019 Home & Daily Brands Top 10 List through E-Commerce Consumption” released by iiMedia Ranking.

In 1923, British Lever Brothers Company, parent company of LUX also refers to predecessor of Unilever Group, invested China Soap Co. Ltd., in Shanghai to start producing LUX soap. In 1924, LUX became one of the first international brands to enter China. In 1986, the reform and opening up led Unilever’s re-entry into China and the establishment of its first joint venture in Shanghai.

Since the official launch of Unilever Shanghai Ltd., in December 1987, the scale of the enterprise and the product range has been expanding, which led to increasing economy of the company. The product category of LUX has grown from a single LUX soap with 2 kinds in the early days to 72 kinds in four categories in 1996. Besides that, LUX also launched a full range of body wash products in China in 1992.

As an international brand, LUX has always gained more and more popularity among people in the spirit of continuous improvement and the pursuit of beauty. Whether in China or global, LUX only invites popular celebrities to endorse the brand. In China, LUX has invited Jolin Tsai(Cai Yilin), Shu Qi and Angelababy (Yang Ying) to be its ambassador, all of whom enjoys high reputation, unique charm and high standard on beauty.

In 2009, LUX Body Wash has the largest market share in the modern channel. In 2010, LUX Body Wash products became the number one brand in beauty bathing in China. On June 18, 2015, nearly 180,000 pieces of LUX Soap 115g were sold in JD mobile client in one day. On October 21, 2019, LUX took only 3 minutes to set a sales record of 100,000 bottles of LUX products in a live broadcast with VIA(Wei Ya, a famous live streamer).

In Tmall Taobao, (Tmall Taobao: one of the most popular comprehensive shopping sites in China), the top 3 monthly sales of LUX products are 70,500, 62,400 and 55,400 respectively. The products of it enjoying monthly sales of over 10,000 have more than 40 kinds. (Data as of September 17, 2021 11:49)

In addition, LUX has been committed to environmental protection in China. Since 2011, LUX has been working with global retailers to launch a nationwide “Buy LUX, Be Green” campaign in China to encourage consumers to buy more environmental friendly products. To better convey the concept of sustainable environmental protection, LUX has also launched the “LUX Green Hada Campaign” joining hand with the China Environmental Protection Foundation. The campaign aims to help improve the ecological environment in Tibet through public welfare grass planting. Meanwhile, it also helps the development of the Tibetan economy and the improvement of people’s lives through multiple channels and elements such as “public welfare + targeted poverty alleviation”.

Unilever, the parent company of LUX, has mobilized the company’s global resources to act aggressively to fight against the epidemic at the peak of the outbreak in China in 2020. As to fully support the fight against the epidemic, Unilever China also mobilized all of its stockpiles of de-bacterial products in China at the first opportunity to supply healthcare workers who was fighting on the frontline of the epidemic. As of February 10, 2020, Unilever has donated six batches of supplies for epidemic prevention to five provinces and cities in China with a cumulative value of nearly RMB 4 million. The donated supplies include Weibao hand sanitizer and deodorant soap and so on.



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