More Invested in China, Clarins Beyond Expectation

More than ten years after entering China, China has become the largest market for Clarins worldwide. Benefiting from the expansion of the Chinese market, Clarins has ploughed deep, blossomed and gained fruit in China. In recent years, the brand has maintained double-digit sales growth in the Chinese market.

At present, the global cosmetics market size is growing at a steady rate. Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific market has surpassed Western Europe and North America to be largest cosmetics consumer market in the world. With the rapid growth of China’s economy, China’s cosmetic consumption is also rising rapidly and has surpassed Japan to become the world’s second largest cosmetic consumption. In an era when more and more attention is paid to one’s image and appearance, cosmetics have become a rigid demand in people’s daily lives.

According to CHAILEEDO, the market size of China’s beauty industry is expected to exceed $78.15 billion by 2021 with the beauty and cosmetic industry increasingly becoming a major pillar of the Chinese economy. Looking at the entire beauty industry, international beauty brands have won a large and stable customer base in China’s high-end market by virtue of their global brand awareness, accumulated popularity and reputation, stable product quality and mature channel laying in recent years. It has made a splash in the Chinese market with their strong market competitiveness.

A number of international cosmetic giants have released strategic adjustment signals to shift their resource focus to China, and have accelerated the layout of the Chinese market. Take Clarins, a leading European high-end skincare brand, for example, the highly promising Chinese market has attracted increasing attention from the Clarins family in recent years, with China increasingly becoming its largest market in the world.

On September 10, 2020, the “Clarins China Lab” – Clarins’ first overseas lab – was officially located in Shanghai. After establishing the Lab, all resources of Clarins’ R&D, trading and e-commerce functions are rooted in Shanghai, China. For example, new products developed by Clarins in France will be sent to the China Lab for consumer testing to assess their feasibility in the Chinese market in the future. And the China Lab will also have the opportunity to develop new products on its own and send the new products developed to meet the needs of Chinese consumers back to France for mass production.

“The establishment of the China Lab is another major strategic move in our deep expansion into the China market.” Clarins Executive Vice President of Clarins China, Zhong Xiaoming, said Clarins has grown rapidly in China in recent years and is even more confident about the future of the Chinese market.

Clarins has always had an extensive product line, especially a very complete body care line which has been developed with products such as delicate skin care and specially created curve care. The line is still the shortcoming of many beauty brands. Even if it relies only on the sale of body care line, the top position of Clarins in market will be hard to move for a while.

Clarins is also one of the brands that are “making fortune in silence” in the Chinese market. On the one hand, there is very little marketing about it. On the other hand, the number of its counters in China has reached 117 in 2014 with total retail sales of almost $156 million.

After the rise of Chinese social promotion platforms such as Xiaohongshu, many Chinese celebrities such as Qin Lan and Zhang Shaohan have been promoting Clarins, which has played a role in raising its awareness.

On Tmall, Clarins has found new users and developed new markets. It launched series of other combinations to create a private space from “sample distribution” to “tree planting” and the “second floor of the store” in Tmall. Finally it attracted 60 million followers to participate interaction and guide them to complete transactin by its Taobao Live streaming. Through above promotion, Clarins gained 1.83 million followers and shortening the path from new products to hot-selling products thus it successfully topped in six categories.

More than ten years after entering China, China has become Clarins’ largest market worldwide with its Taobao flagship store having more than 8.62 million followers. Benefiting from the expansion of the Chinese market, Clarins has ploughed deep, blossomed and gained fruit in China. In recent years, the brand has maintained double-digit sales growth in the Chinese market. Clarins Executive Vice President of China Zhong Xiaoming said, “The consumption power of Chinese people is beyond our expectation.”

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