New Researching Results by CHICMAX Group Published on International Journal Cosmetics

The latest scientific research paper on E-AGSE, a new ingredient developed by CHICMAX Group, was published in Cosmetics. The article was proved for the first time that E-AGSE can promote the production of various proteins in the human body and can fight against skin aging and enhance the skin barrier.

Recently, the latest scientific research results of E-AGSE (AGSE encapsulation which is “active” grape seed extract inclusions), a new ingredient developed by CHICMAX Group, were successfully published in Cosmetics.

The successful publication of E-AGSE in Cosmetics not only further validates the efficacy of this ingredient in anti-aging and skin barrier repair but also demonstrates the determination of  CHICMAX Group’s research team to continue to develop its own technology, ingredients and new raw materials, as well as its strong competitiveness in the international cosmetics field.

Cosmetics is an open access journal on cosmetic science and technology, published quarterly online by MDPI, an internationally renowned multidisciplinary digital publisher, which provides an advanced international discussion platform for basic and applied research on skin, cosmetic formulation and ingredient research, clinical and experimental research. This journal is widely respected in the global cosmetic science and technology field.

This time, the content of the paper published by CHICMAX Group is a further demonstration of the efficacy of E-AGSE, a new PP2A active ingredient developed in-house.

The article demonstrates for the first time that E-AGSE can promote the production of various proteins in the human body, such as type I collagen, type III collagen, elastin and silk aggregates, which can greatly combat skin aging and enhance the skin barrier.

Moreover, the article demonstrates that E-AGSE not only protects the skin from UVB-induced inflammation, but also protects the skin from UVB-induced DNA damage and reduces melanin production to help maintain a healthy skin barrier. On top of that, the ingredient even promotes the production of proteins and glycosaminoglycans at the DEJ to help tighten the epidermal-dermal junction and improve skin elasticity.

Finally, the results of human clinical trials have shown that the extract containing 2% E-AGSE has excellent clinical effects. It not only significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, but also in brightening the skin tone, moisturizes and enhances the skin barrier, and further improves the skin condition of sensitive skin and enhances skin tolerance.

At present, the research results of PP2A of CHICMAX Group have applied for 2 patents for invention and have been presented at authoritative academic conferences such as SID (Society for Investigative Dermatology) and 5th World-China Cosmetic Technology Summit held this year, which has attracted great attention from the global dermatology and cosmetic industry. Products from the new brand PP2A applied the patented ingredient E-AGSE and are officially launched. The brand is positioned as “Switch for Anti-aging” and its products specialize in age-specific skincare and targeted anti-aging.



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