Perfume Brand Emotif from ByteDance will Be Sold

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance will launch its new fragrance brand Emotif which is available in 2ml and 9ml priced at $3.13 and $31.19 respectively

It is understood that ByteDance-owned “EMOTIF” is doing the final debugging before its launching. It is doing the relevant tests in the third-party e-commerce platform currently. It is reported that EMOTIF perfume is divided into three sub-series “Electronic Love”, “Flight in Deep Sea”, “Pompidou only Drinks Champagne” respectively.

The Emotif fragrances are available in 2ml and 9ml priced at $3.13 and $31.19 respectively. The Emotif fragrances are packaged in a stand-up spray style and the user holds down the presser to spray the fragrance on the body.

In order to meet the consumer preferences of Generation Z, the fragrance notes of the “Pompidou Only Drinks Champagne” series are “floral and fruity”. The fragrance notes of the “Flight in Deep Sea” series are “Fouche” and the fragrance notes of the “Electronic Love” series are “woody and floral”.

The perfumers of the above three perfumes are all well-known French perfumers and the world’s top perfumers, they have perfumed for a number of well-known brands, such as Tom Ford, Armani and so on. It is worth noting that the fragrance concentration of the 9ml perfume is around 15% and the fragrance retention time can be up to 6-8 hours.

In September last year, it was reported that ByteDance had a new layout in the new consumer field and would plan to launch a perfume brand “Emotif”. Emotif” trademark has been applied for by ByteDance’s affiliated companies.

ByteDance’s choice of perfume sector also has multi-level considerations. First, China’s perfume consumption is high. According to the data of iResearch, China’s perfume consumers are less than 20 million people but the unit price is mostly in the $78.85-$126.16. That shows that the market potential is huge. Second, China has a complete industrial structure to support the development of the perfume industry so that ByteDance does not need to be a producer but only needs to make efforts in the operation and R & D, which can greatly reduce costs. Finally, with the weak advertising business and the lack of improvement in other businesses, ByteDance needs to find a new growth curve. The local perfume market, which has not been fully developed and is under less competitive pressure, may be a good choice.



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