P&G Involving Itself in Metaverse to Explore New Customers

P&G Group discloses its virtual space BeautySphere for the first time to attract more new customers.

Global personal care giant P&G recently showed attendees at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) its latest metaverse strategy aimed at attracting more new customers. This includes a digital platform called Beauty SPHERE, which demonstrates how to take an online tour of Kew Gardens in the United Kingdom.

P&G’s goal is to educate consumers about the plants used in herbal fragrance products. In the real world, the company committed to planting a tree for each participant who completes the journey in Veracruz, Mexico where is rich in biodiversity but is experiencing dramatic deforestation.

P&G has also re-imagined a popular advertising campaign from the late 1970s and early 1980s into a video game called “Caries Spread Attack,” which is intended to teach children better oral care habits.

P&G had previously planned to make a push in the metaverse, and these initiatives are in response to that plan. The initiatives also include the design of Gillette Venus’ incarnation in Nintendo’s video game Animal Crossing and Life Lab, a smart platform for immersive experiences with the company’s products.

P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard said the payoff is the opportunity to expose P&G products to a new generation of consumers who use these platforms.” In an interview, Pritchard said “More of our work will be to deliver these online experiences that allow consumers to interact with the brand.”

The online virtual world incorporates technologies such as video conferencing and real-time streaming media, which are changing the way people meet, interact and consume. So in addition to traditional customer acquisition method, namely advertising on TV, online and streaming services, P&G is stepping up its efforts to explore a metaverse-focused promotional model.

But this also means requiring participants to invest more engagement time, so P&G is looking at ways to capture and hold consumers’ attention in the medium. In terms of conventional advertising models, P&G will continue to lay out. But Pritchard said the company is very interested in some cutting-edge technologies.

Pritchard said: “It’s probably too early to tell. We’ll know more than we do today next year.” “But what you’ll find is that when consumers really like these things, their actual engagement time is going to be amazing.”



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