Pierre Fabre Invests in MiYé, A Skincare Brand Focused on Hormonal Balance

On September 20th, Pierre Fabre, the parent company of Avène, announced the acquisition of a stake in MiYé, a startup specializing in women’s hormonal balance and health.

Public information reveals that MiYé was founded in 2020 by Caroline de Blignières and Anna Oualid. It is a French skincare and dietary supplement brand dedicated to women’s hormonal balance and health. Currently, MiYé offers 13 products, including 5 dietary supplements and 8 skincare products, emphasizing performance, natural ingredients, safety, and ease of use.

The specific amount and terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, but this financing will enable MiYé to accelerate its development by leveraging Pierre Fabre’s medical expertise and in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical market.

Caroline de Blignières, co-founder of MiYé, stated, “Two years after our launch, Pierre Fabre acquires a stake in MiYé, which is both a recognition of our work and a valuable opportunity to strengthen our research and development resources, enabling us to promote the ‘democratization’ of women’s hormonal health and collectively redefine the rules of the female body’s new ecology.”

Anna Oualid, co-founder of MiYé, stated, “When we launched MiYé, we set a goal for ourselves: to make medical health topics more easily understood by the public through high-quality multi-channel distribution and cosmetics concepts that align with women’s daily lives. Who could be more suitable for us than Pierre Fabre, who has long been committed to women’s health?”

Frédéric Ennabli, CEO of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics, stated, “Hormonal balance is a significant concern that skincare products should address. MiYé has found a way to support women from adolescence to menopause. We will collaborate with MiYé, providing them with our medical and dermatological expertise to develop the best skincare methods for all skin affected by hormonal changes.”

It is worth noting that women’s hormonal skincare products are developed and designed to address skin, hair, and body issues caused by hormonal imbalances during various stages, such as menstruation, puberty, and menopause.



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