POLA Opens its First Chinese “Headquarters” after 20 Years in China

On November 20th, POLA Group announced its decision to establish a subsidiary responsible for overseeing regional operations in the Chinese market. It was revealed that POLA ORBIS (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., planned to be established in January 2024, will be headed by Seiichi Takaya as the Director and President. The subsidiary will be responsible for business management, supervision, and strategic planning of local subsidiary companies in China.

According to the announcement, the equity of the existing business subsidiaries, POLA Shanghai and ORBIS Beijing, will be transferred to POLA ORBIS (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., which will directly manage them.

POLA Group stated that the decision to establish a new subsidiary is part of their plan to directly grasp market changes in various business regions through local leadership, starting from 2024. This move aims to further accelerate the group’s continuous expansion globally. “This will enable us to fully leverage the strength of our multi-brand portfolio, swiftly implement the best regional strategies, and adapt to market and customer changes. It will also maximize the business performance of each region.”

Furthermore, POLA Group expressed that in order to achieve the aforementioned goals, they have decided to establish a regional headquarters in China and restructure their operational framework. While establishing locally-led brand strategies and strengthening regional marketing, the group will consolidate the joint operations of existing local subsidiary companies to upgrade and optimize operations. Additionally, POLA Group will make accelerated efforts to maximize growth potential and establish a revenue foundation in the Chinese market, as China is the most important market driving the group’s overseas expansion.

Public information reveals that Shanghai POLA Trading Co., Ltd., the POLA Shanghai subsidiary mentioned in the announcement, was established in October 2004, and the POLA brand entered China in 2005. The ORBIS Beijing subsidiary was established in 2008, followed by the introduction of the brand in China. The upcoming establishment of the regional headquarters in China marks the first headquarters set up by POLA Group in China after 20 years since their entry into the market.

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