Safeguard Launches Perfume, Is It the Smell of Soap?

The Safeguard official announcement of the first 10,000 units of the fragrance will be online on September 6, but it is not sold separately.

According to CHAILEEDO’s observation, the hashtag #Safeguard really launches perfume on Weibo has generated 1.402 million reads as of noon on Sept. 6.

In this sense, the launch of Pure White Perfume by Safeguard can be said to be in line with the trend, taking advantage of the market’s popularity and fan demand, to create awareness of Pure White Perfume, while also hoping to help the brand soap and other mainstream products.

Regarding the Pure White Perfume of Safeguard, Chaileedo checked the record information platform of the State Medical Products Administration for Chinese general cosmetics and found that the perfume had been completed for recording on August 16 this year. The record information shows that the filer is Guangzhou P&G Co., Ltd. and the product is produced by Shanghai Jiaheng Daily Chemical Co.

It also noticed that previously, on the Tmall platform, Safeguard was mainly sold through the official P&G flagship store. Perhaps to welcome the brand’s 30th anniversary and better focus on localization in China, it opened a brand Tmall flagship store. Customer service also told CHAILEEDO that it was indeed a newly established store, but the specific opening time was not informed.

Although the release of the Pure White Perfume is to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the brand, for the question of whether the brand will plan a perfume line, CHAILEEDO first contacted the brand, and they replied that there is no such plan, for the time being, the perfume launched this time is the 30th anniversary of Safeguard commemorative peripheral, in the form of gifts in Tmall and Tiktok China online.

From the standpoint of Safeguard, this is to satisfy the sentiment of fans and as a marketing exercise, and in terms of the industry, it also reflects that the Chinese perfume market is receiving more attention.

On the one hand, the international top enterprises continue to increase investment in the Chinese perfume market. Only this year, it is known that L’Oreal will introduce Prada Beauty, which contains perfume products. And in August, LVMH Group’s fragrance brand MFK opened its first store in Nanjing, China.

On the other hand, local perfume brands are increasingly coming into the line of sight of capital and top enterprises. Recently, Shanghai Jahwa invested in a national trendy fragrance and aromatherapy brand Timingbox, the first foray into the field of fragrance. Before that, news of financing for new brands in the fragrance market such as To Summer, YoungBeast, ScentLibrary, Scentooze, etc. has also been emerging.

The person in charge of the cosmetics chain brand believes that perfume represents a certain taste in life and is an attitude to enjoy a good life. From this perspective, high-end perfume is obviously more in line with the tone of people’s pursuit of high quality of life. She went on to say that its offline stores are also selling basically big-name perfumes.

According to a report by iResearch, China’s perfume market size accounted for only 2.5% of the global size in 2021 but is growing rapidly with an average annual growth rate of 26.8% year-on-year since 2017. Some believe that China is likely to become the second largest perfume market in the world in 2030.

The outbreak of new consumption of national trends has saved and emerged many national brands, penetrating the area of beverages, cosmetics, and apparel, and the next area may be the fragrance market.



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