Sephora China Unveils WEI Shop-in-Shop Store for the First Time

Sephora’s first store in Hainan opened in The Mixc, Haikou. At present, Sephora has more than 310 stores in China. Sephora also joined hands with WEI to open the first “shop-in-shop” in the retailer store in China.

According to the observation of CHAILEEDO, The Mixc, Haikou was officially opened for business on June 26 and Sephora’s store was also opened simultaneously on the same day. It is reported that the store is the “Top 3 store in South China” covering an area of 680 square meters, and the number of SKUs in the store reaches 3000+. According to the introduction, the store is mainly for local consumers in Haikou and some tourists. Therefore, the sun exposure is more intense in Haikou, Hainan. Thus, the selection of products also according to local conditions, specifically set up four categories including sunscreen, hair care, home fragrance, and cross-border e-commerce as the core of the service experience area.

Among them, the sun protection area showcased brands such as LANCASTER ESTHEDERM, etc. These brands have brought the season’s selected products. In the new home fragrance area, Sephora’s exclusive cooperatio with high-end brands CHA LING, and its own brand Sephora Collection are on display. In the cross-border e-commerce brand zone, Olaplex, KORA ORGANICS, Supergoop!, SUNDAY RILEY and many other international niche brands. They also received special attention from consumers.

Earlier, Sephora launched the “Made in China” program. The plan stated that Sephora would support five local Chinese beauty brands within three years and help them become high-end Chinese beauty representatives with sales of over 100 million. Sephora would also leverage its strong global network, loyal user community and rich experience in high-end retailing to promote these brands to international retail channels.

Sephora has been working closely with local Chinese brands since it entered the Chinese market. To date, it has established partnerships with more than 10 Chinese iconic brands, which account for about 10% of its overall selection composition. Among the high-end makeup brands are MAOGEPING-LIGHT, COLOR STUDIO BY MARIE DALGAR, YUMEE, BEAUTY JUNKO, etc. As for high-end skincare brands, it covers CHA LING, WEI, INOHERB TANG, Herborist TaiChi, Face Symbol and so on.

19 high-end national trendy brands such as Herborist TaiChi, INOHERB TANG, MAOGEPING-LIGHT, YUMEE and COLOR STUDIO BY MARIE DALGAR participated in the “Made in China” program of Sephora. And exclusive international innovative brands, such as also made a concentrated appearance in the Sephora store in Haikou.

It is worth noting that Sephora cooperated with WEI to set up a shop-in-shop this time, which is a move that is not only the first time for Sephora, but also unique when looking at the Chinese beauty retail market.

Inside the store, WEI’s Beauty-in-Store, located at the back left of the Sephora store, occupies an exclusive area of nearly 50 square meters. It is designed with the concept of “Zen Trails”, which organically blends the herbal rhythm of the brand’s genes with modern technology to showcase WEI’s Beauty-in-Store’s brand identity.

The reason that Sephora chosen WEI as the first shop-in-shop in China is not only because it is one of Sephora’s exclusive and close partners, but also because of its parent company Fosun Group’s product and technology research and development capabilities, which can co-create with Sephora in terms of products and experience services. The AI precision skin measurement is the exclusive research and development technology of Fosun Group.

“This new mode Shop-in-Shop is just a beginning. Sephora will explore more innovative cooperation models with brands in the future and will also give priority to brands with exclusive cooperation.” The relevant person in charge of Sephora revealed.

Deeply developing the Chinese market for 17 years, Sephora has long become the “synonym” of the global high-end beauty retail leader. However, in the past few years, the product power and innovative marketing methods demonstrated by Chinese local brands have significantly raised consumers’ awareness of Chinese beauty and started to feed back the overseas market. Through the strong investment of Sephora in this store, it can be seen that Sephora is undoubtedly confident about the development in the Chinese market.




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