The First Stock of Cosmetic Packages in the Beijing Stock Exchange to Come

Chinese package supplier Baixinglong Enterprise approved the proposed issuance program of the Beijing Stock Exchange. If the program can be completed, the enterprise will be the first stock of cosmetic packages in the Beijing Stock Exchange.

Recently, the board of directors of the Chinese package supplier Baixinglong Enterprise considered and approved the proposed issuance program of the Beijing Stock Exchange, the issue reserve price of 11.8 yuan(about $1.77) / share. The fund raising will be used for creative packaging intelligent manufacturing production and construction projects, etc..

In November 2021, Baixinglong Enterprise entered the Beijing Stock Exchange listing counseling period, counseling institutions for IFC Securities. According to the annual report of the enterprise, the revenue of Baixinglong in 2021 was $63.9 million, up 51.15% year-on-year and its operating profit was $7.45 million, up 86.51% year-on-year and its net profit attributable to the mother was $6.34 million, up 88.63% year-on-year.

Shenzhen Baixinglong Enterprise was established in February 2008 and it is a creative packaging total solution provider, mainly engaged in the design, development, production and sales of creative packaging products in several fields such as wine, cosmetics and tea, with partners involving Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Bvlgari, L’Oreal Paris, Elizabeth Arden and other international brands.

In the industry, Baixinglong is a company famous for its creative packaging design, with a total of over 40,000 creative works. Through its excellent creative design works, it has won 103 international design awards, including 40 PackStar Award of world stars, 15 Red Dot Award, 6 Pentawards, 9 The Mobius Advertising Awards, 20 IF design awards, 11 A’DESIGN design awards, 1 IAI Design Award 1, etc.

According to the company’s official website, the successful cooperation cases of Baixinglong include “L’Oreal Anti-Wrinkle Essence + Pro-Retinol Gift Box”, “L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Zell-Renaissance Gift Box”, “Dr. Alva Mid-Autumn Gift Box”, etc. In its annual report, Baixinglong said that in 2021 the company continued to deepen its wine and international cosmetic packaging business, simultaneously increase the development of Chinese cosmetic packaging, tea and food packaging and related products business, and accelerated the regional layout and base construction.

In the process of consumer shopping for goods, packaging has gradually become an important factor in consumers’ decision to buy products. From the perspective of market demand, cosmetics and personal care packaging materials represented by rigid plastic, soft plastic packaging and paper boxes have shown a strong growth momentum, and there are many entrants to compete the market.

In the face of an increasingly competitive market environment, Chinese OEMs/ODMs have begun to change their business models to meet the current challenges. In contrast to their previous role as intermediaries, many companies have now repositioned themselves and are no longer limited to “saving the whole thing” for brands and raw material suppliers, but have become an important part of the cosmetic supply chain with their R&D strength and insight.

“From an upstream perspective, the demand for small packaging orders has skyrocketed in the past two years.” One Chinese packaging supplier company stated that whether in the field of color cosmetics, skin care or toiletries, small packaging products are gaining more and more consumers’ favor by virtue of their compact and lightweight packaging, aseptic and quick sealing, and long time product activity, and have become a popular segment of the personal care sector. It has become the most popular segment of the personal care circuit.

According to relevant data, in the Chinese market, the scale of mini makeup online has been rising year after year, and the growth rate of mini lipsticks, mini makeup brushes and other makeup tools has reached more than twice that of the category. From the brand level, both international and domestic brands have launched small-package products, and there have been rapid breakout models such as capsule lipsticks and mini makeup sponge.

In the skin care market, the small packaging products are showing a more diverse form, appearing in blister, tube, bottle, strip, spray bottle and other different forms of presentation. NBC represented the main new strip of dazzling Moe bubble mask with the use of macaroon color creation and double cavity tube to achieve easy portability and fun. Kans from Chicmax launched the annual star new product – emotional small capsule mask with innovative changes in the market of smear mask. Its soft and pinchable decompression pinch burst design and capsule sub-disposal design bring consumers a novel feeling of use. Biohyalux’s hot-selling disposable essence has applied the B.F.S aseptic filling technology used in the production of eye drops in its functional skin care products. The 1.5ml small dose of the product is both portable and sterile, preservative-free and alcohol-free leading a new boom in the essence category.

For the brand, a design can make the original small disposable packaging become more lovely and use small packaging to test the market will be more beneficial than large production investment.



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