The Only Chinese Beauty Brand among the Top 15 in the World!

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

China’s beauty brands have made further progress in the world ranking. According to the Brand Finance Cosmetics 50 2022 released recently, the ranking of Chinese beauty brand PECHOIN has increased further compared with last year, successfully surpassing international brands such as Maybelline, Clarins, and SK-II, jumping to 14th place and becoming the only Chinese brand on the top 15.

Facts have proved that Pechoin’s strategic positioning of “new herb of science and technology” of oriental herb driven by modern science and technology has been effective, which can be seen from the global ranking. In the Brand Finance Cosmetics 50 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the top 50 list), it has successfully surpassed Clarins, SK-II, Olay, and other international brands and ranked 14th.

Pechoin has been on the top 50 list since 2019, who jumped from 23rd in 2019 to 19th in 2020 and then to 15th last year. At that time, it was the only Chinese brand on the TOP15 list. This year, Pechoin went one step further, surpassing Maybelline, which ranked 13th last year, to join the top 14, continuing the record of the only Chinese brand in the TOP15.

As a global independent third-party brand valuation and consulting agency, Brand Finance’s core evaluation criterion is brand strength, which consists of three parts: current performance, customer evaluation, and future expectations. The strength of Pechoin is also highlighted in these aspects.

It is worth mentioning that Pechoin has never slackened its investment in science and technology, thus having won many awards in the international market in recent several years, so as to continuously consolidate its scientific and technological power.

At the 26th IFSCC last year, Zuo Jinhui, a scientist from Pechoin, broke through the barrier and won the Young Scientist Award for his research on the anti-aging new way of skin care products, from skin physiology to skin “psychology”. This study mainly focuses on oriental women and discusses “how cosmetics upgrade from skin physiology to skin ‘psychology'” from three aspects: the interaction between skin aging and emotion, mindfulness and skin aging, and the skin psychological effect of cosmetics.

“As a scientific research team of Pechoin, we will always explore the science and technology of beauty by making continuous breakthroughs and pursue new possibilities of scientific skin care.” Zuo Jinhui also said when winning the award that they will further bring more in-depth, specialized, and customized age care solutions to oriental women.

IFSCC, fully known as the “International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists”, enjoys a high reputation in the cosmetics academic community. With a history of more than 60 years, over 16000 global well-known brands, raw material companies, and scientific research institutions related to the cosmetics technology industry in 74 countries around the world would discuss and share the latest beauty research achievements at this grand meeting.

Founded in 1931, Pechoin has been long accompanying the growth of generations and deeply engraved in the life and memory of the Chinese people in its 91-year development process. However, Pechoin did not remain complacent. Instead, it adhered to change and forge ahead in the torrent of the times and became the “post-90s” who had the courage to explore and innovate.

It is reported that during the Tiktok Super Brand Day in December 2021, Pechoin launched an all-channel interaction with the topic of national support, and the whole network exposure in China exceeded 450 million; Stars were invited to enter the Douyin live broadcasting room, and the peak number of online people exceeded 10 thousand; During the event, the new customer rate of the store exceeded 95%, and the brand even made use of Douyin members’ refined operation, succeeding in making an average of 1 thousand new members joining the club every day and over 2 million member transactions.

In addition, Pechoin also joined hands with popular Chinese artist Wang Yibo to launch a new single product “Youth Active Resilence Repairing Cream”, covering the target consumer groups through diversified forms such as hot broadcasting variety shows and shooting microfilms; This year, Pechoin launched “Call tomorrow” Co-create Challenge on Chinese short video platform Douyin to explore the charm of science and technology jointly with a number of KOL, which has won wide resonance among consumers.

In the future, whether from the R&D aspect, brand aspect, or marketing aspect, Pechoin is gradually completing the transformation from a “long-history” brand to a “long-lasting” brand. Pechoin is obviously stronger than we thought.


Brand Finance: Brand Finance is a global independent third-party Brand valuation and consulting agency, whose business covers Brand strategy consulting market research, and other fields. Every year, Brand Finance calculates the value of approximately 10,000 brands across geographies and industries and publishes Brand rankings in the media to enhance the public perception of these brands as valuable business assets that need to be managed and invested in. Brand Finance also publishes industry research reports on brands and intangible assets, such as Brand Finance Cosmetics 50, Brand Finance US 500, and Brand Finance China100.



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