TikTok’s Parent Company ByteDance Perfume Bottle Appearance Patent is Authorized

The “perfume bottle” appearance for the patent applied by TikTok’s parent company ByteDance obtained authorization. In January 2022, ByteDance’s new perfume brand “EMOTIF” was put on sale.

On April 5 (Beijing time), TikTok’s parent company ByteDance applied for a “perfume bottle” appearance design patent and was authorized, with the application number being CN202130834324.6, the application date December 16, 2021(Beijing time) and the authorization announcement number CN307232074S.

It is understood that ByteDance incubated a new perfume brand “EMOTIF” which was put on sale in January this year with three series of products from “Joi” and “Astronaut In The Ocean” to “Pompidou only drinks Champagne”. The perfume is sold for 178 yuan (about $28) per 9ml, which means that 1ml of the price is more than $3. Chinese netizens make negative comments on this perfume, saying it is more expensive than well-known brands such as Hermès and Dior and they cannot afford it.

According to the information exposed, Emotif is a French word that means “emotional or emotional person”. It’s clear that, like many perfume brands, ByteDance has focused on consumers’ sentiment and the self-expression of a new generation. The brand introduces officially the perfumer of Emotif perfume and has debugged perfume for well-known brands such as Tom Ford and Aimani.

It can be seen that ByteDance has distinguished the price of their perfume from Chinese affordable perfumes from the very beginning, orienting directly to the high-end market.

At present, EMOTIF can be purchased through channels such as WeChat Mini Programs, but it is “compulsory” to register and become memberships for entering EMOTIF’s store.

It is reported that Beijing Yanlai Trading Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ByteDance, applied for a number of “EMOTIF” trademarks in July 2021 with its international classification involving daily chemical products and advertising sales and most of the trademarks having been registered.

Whether is it a coincidence or something else for ByteDance who is focusing on the perfume industry?

There may be two reasons for the analysis of Chinese cosmetics industry insiders. First, China’s perfume market has great potential. In August 2021, a research report released by Mintel, a British market research institute, predicted that China’s perfume market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17 per cent in the next five years and market sales are expected to exceed $2.419 billion by 2025.

Second, the technical barriers of China’s perfume industry are relatively not too high and the brand entry requirements are low, giving many enterprises the space and opportunity to try. Unlike skincare products and cosmetics, there is no defined standard for the quality and inferiority of perfumes. Everyone can share their own opinions on the smell of perfumes and therefore the judgement about the smell of perfumes is both personal and emotional, which’s quite friendly to new entrants.



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