Valentino Beauty Joining the Completion of High-End Cosmetics in Chinese Market

In the history of Valentino, this is the first time to introduce a full line of beauty collection. It is foreseeable that this high-fashion beauty brand originated from Italy will keep shining in China and global market.

Founded in 1960, Valentino is a high-fashion luxury brand from Italy. In 1978, the first fragrance products were launched. Since 2003, its fragrance and luxury beauty businesses had been produced and developed by Unilever and Procter & Gamble, respectively and Spanish beauty giant Puig. In 2019, L’Oréal officially took over the management of Valentino from Puig and rebranded it as Valentino Beauty. At the end of 2019, the L’Oréal Group launched its first Valentino perfume –Voce Viva.

On July 15, 2021, L’Oréal Group unveiled the official launch of its high-fashion brand Valentino Beauty on its Tmall flagship store in Shanghai. This marks that Valentino Beauty officially launched into the Chinese market.

“Valentino Beauty is a new shining jewel among the crown of L’Oréal Group. The birth of this brand will further strengthen L’Oréal’s premium cosmetics footprint and will inject new vitality into the innovation and upgrade of the global beauty market.” Ma Xiaoyu, Vice President and General Manager of L’Oréal China’s Premium Cosmetics Division, has said, “In recent years, Chinese premium cosmetics market has grown rapidly and Chinese consumers have moved from a single consideration of price to a multifaceted demand of product efficacy, brand value and the pursuit of personalized experiences. Valentino Beauty will further improved the L’Oréal premium cosmetics brand matrix and consolidated L’Oréal’s leading position as the number one premium cosmetics group in China.”

According to Valentino Beauty director Xu Haiyan, “The current high-fashion gene and customized beauty experience is a trend that consumers admire. Valentino Beauty inherits Valentino’s aesthetic concept and high definition. The brand follows the concept of ‘free color, self style, free high definition’. Every detail is perfected by Pier Paolo Piccioli.”

Valentino Beauty has landed in the Chinese market and will launch a full range of 16 product lines in foundation, lip makeup and eye makeup containing 182 products. Xu Haiyan said, “Every single product of Valentino Beauty is infused with elements loved by artists. For example, one type in lip makeup with pearl shine can create a more shining lip makeup effect. Meanwhile, the packaging design allows consumers to customize their own beauty by matching it to different scenarios. In terms of detail design, Valentino Beauty is also unique. At the scene, Qeyes saw that many of its products appliy studs, feathers, satin, Capital V and other brand elements that consumers are familiar with.”

For the official entry into the Chinese market, Valentino Beauty can be said to have great sincerity. Xu Haiyan said, “Red is the representative color. The color is not only symbol of Valentino Beauty with its bold interpretation and free color but also the most representative color in Chinese culture. Valentino Beauty has extended this red color in both product color and set design. While ensuring that the original color of high-end fashion is not lost, the color gradient of Chinese red is fully integrated to better meet the aesthetic preferences of Chinese consumers.”

She further introduced, “Not only in terms of color but also in terms of appearance, design elements, materials and texture, Valentino Beauty has fully considered the aesthetics and skin type of Chinese and Asian consumers. It was launched after three years of collaborative research, development and testing by the Chinese team and the product development department at headquarters can be said to be customize-made for Chinese consumers.”

It is understood that the Chinese market has always been one of Valentino’s important territories. Valentino has held fashion shows in China one after another since the 1990s. Valentino also marks the Chinese market as prior to the full range of beauty products of brand in Asia.

At present, Valentino Beauty Tmall flagship store has a total of 56 SKUs including lipstick, eyeshadow, air cushion foundation, perfume and other categories with products priced from $45.44 to $425.44. Among them, the best-selling product “Air Cushion Foundation” has been sold to more than 1,500 people and is priced at $65.81.

On September 28th, Valentino Beauty first offline flagship store in China was officially opened in Shanghai. The flagship store features a full range of Valentino Beauty products including foundation, eye makeup, lip makeup and perfume. The store perfectly illustrates Valentino Beauty vision of “free color, self style and free high definition”.

In the history of Valentino, this is the first time to introduce a full line of beauty collection, which can be said to be the highlight moment of Valentino. With the unique color and style, as well as the profound insight and fine layout of the market, it is foreseeable that this high-fashion beauty brand originated from Italy will keep shining in China and global market.



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