Which Beauty Ingredient Taken TikTok by Storm? Comes the List!

On May 9, Juliangsuanshu, Ipsos and others jointly released the Report on Beauty Ingredient Trend Insight in 2022. The report synthesizes multi-dimensional data such as TikTok content and e-commerce data, builds a prediction model for the popularity and potential composition of beauty ingredients and publishes a list of beauty ingredients and top ten ingredient trends.  

The rise of the “ingredient party” is giving rise to many apps on the Chinese market to inquire about and interpret cosmetic ingredients where consumers can easily view the targeted effect of each ingredient. For instance, the main role of niacinamide is whitening and Centella asiatica is soothing repair. It is easier for consumers to check the ingredients and the corresponding efficacy on these apps. And it is the rise of these ingredients that have changed the cosmetics industry chain.

In this context, on May 9, Beijing time, Juliangsuanshu and Ipsos jointly released the Report on Beauty Ingredient Trend Insight in 2022. The report shows that in 2021, the growth rate of GMV of beauty ingredient products on TikTok and the growth rate of product sales are outstanding, with a GMV growth rate of 366% and a sales volume growth rate of 367%.

Judging from the popularity of social media discussions on beauty ingredients in China, the growth of beauty ingredient-related content exceeds that of beauty industry content. The report shows that the online data of beauty ingredients in China’s online platforms increased by 157% in 2021 and the growth rate of the beauty industry will be 140%.

The report combines the data on TikTok and the data of Ipsos social media and makes them become indexes to obtain the ingredient popularity list and potential list in 2021. In the popular list, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, rose, niacinamide and aloe vera ranked top 5. In the potential list, Prinsepiautilis Royle, Olea europaea, almond acid, Tricholoma matsutake (S. Ito & S. Imai) Singer and Rhodiola rosea L. ranked top 5.

It can be seen from the list that chemical components and plant components are the two mainstream components, the time-honored and popular ingredients such as amino acids, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide are still at the top of the popular list, while salicylic acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, ceramides, polypeptides, retinol and etc. are also in the top 30 of the list. It is worth noting that plants, flowers, Chinese medicines and etc. have become popular.

In addition to the ingredients that coexist on the two lists, anti-aging is still the main ingredient effect. Moisturizing and whitening are also the focus of attention in the popular list. Soothing and repair in the potential list are potential ingredient effects.

However, due to the landing of new regulations on Chinese cosmetics, the number of new products for freckle minimizing and whitening skins in 2022 has decreased and the number of new products for freckle minimizing and whitening skins in China and imports has added up to less than 70. Some insiders have said that they are not ready to launch new whitening products this year. On the contrary, a number of Chinese brands have begun to target the anti-aging market.

It is worth noting that the report also released ten major component trends, which are divided into five major sections: efficacy trends, ingredient trends, concept trends, scientific research trends and crowd trends.

The ten major trends are 1. The anti-aging effect is still mainstream and the demand for young people is at the forefront. Anti-aging ingredients occupy almost half of the TOP 50 ingredients popular list. At the same time, the proportion of the TOP 50 ingredients potential list has reached 46%, with vast development potential. With the deepening of market education, more people born after the 1995s and 2000s have stimulated their anti-aging consciousness, preventing aging in advance and maintaining the state of young skin for a longer time.

  1. The everlasting whitening appeal and the rational choice of ingredients. In the TOP 50 ingredients popularity list, the whitening ingredient is also one of the more mainstream functional ingredients. The whitening market is more comprehensive than other efficacy markets and consumers will choose whitening products with different ingredients according to different needs.
  2. Soothing and repair products have great potential. In the TOP 50 ingredients popular list, the proportion of soothing and repair ingredients ranks after the anti-aging and whitening ingredients. In the TOP 50 ingredients potential list, the soothing and repair ingredients account for 18%, followed by the proportion of anti-aging ingredients. In response to different skincare problems, soothing and repair have also produced subdivided efficacy needs, in addition to the basic skin-soothing repair, and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, the new concept of balancing skin microecology emerged.
  3. Plants, flowers and traditional Chinese medicine ingredients have become popular and Chinese local brands have consolidated their brand share in the beauty market. In the popularity and potential list, plants, flowers and traditional Chinese medicine ingredients account for nearly half. The opportunity for the development of such ingredients on the one hand comes from consumers’ love for Chinese brands, and on the other hand from the strengthening of local Chinese brands in the research and development and marketing of local plants.
  4. The upgraded consumer cognition tends to be the effective concentration of ingredients. Led by international brands, they launch different concentrations of product versions around core functional ingredients to reach wider market consumers and build product ingredient awareness advantages.
  5. Scientific formula is concerned and the compounding achieves the optimal solution. The composite formula products launched by brands have attracted the attention of users, and the amplification of the single effect of products and the multiple effects of a single product are the main reasons why such products are popular with consumers.
  6. The craze for “applying Vitamin C in the morning and Vitamin A in the evening” gives rise to the concept of “ABC skincare”. In recent years, the sweeping skincare method of “applying Vitamin C in the morning and Vitamin A in the evening” has still attracted the pursuit of the ingredient party. “ABC skincare ” means the addition of vitamin B ingredients between the period of morning and evening, which means mainly adding niacinamide (vitamin B3 derivative) and B5, enhancing the effect while improving the mildness.
  7. Clean beauty concept with natural mild and green environmental protection is prevalent. In 2021, a number of overseas clean beauty brands focusing on safety and harmlessness began to lay out in the Chinese market. At the same time, after the epidemic, Chinese consumers’ awareness of cosmetics safety has increased significantly, and the number of videos on clean beauty-related topics on TikTok increased by 944% year-on-year and the average number of single videos viewed increased by 3.917% year-on-year.
  8. Specializing in ingredients is the secret to helping the brand become a benchmark. International brands took the lead in paying attention to the importance of beauty ingredients, represented by the international enterprise L’Oréal who first entered the ingredient sector, launching Pro-Xylane while using ingredients as the main point of market communication, giving consumers an impression that Pro-Xylane is the exclusive and specialized ingredient for L’Oréal.
  9. The demand for men’s skincare grows fast as their awareness of focusing on ingredients is gaining ground. Males have increased their awareness of image management. The increase in ingredient products in men’s skincare on TikTok has caught up with the market with men beginning to pay attention to skincare ingredients in skincare choices.


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