YSL Beauty Launches New Sustainability Initiative in Partnership with an NGO

YSL Beauty announced a global initiative called “REWILD OUR EARTH” to further made a commitment on sustainable development. Another beauty giant such as P&G and Unilever also have their own vision of contribution on green development.

In celebration of The World Earth Day, YSL Beauty announced a global initiative called “REWILD OUR EARTH”, a partnership between the brand and the international NGO Re: wild, which is a further commitment by YSL Beauty to make a positive impact on people and the planet.

“The aim of the Re: wild initiative is to protect and restore 100,000 hectares of woodland by 2030 (an area 10 times the size of Paris) and to prioritize biodiversity conservation in areas affected by climate change, where YSL Beauty ingredients originate. The brand is pursuing its sustainability goals through the creation of an innovative Orlyka Community Garden in Morocco’s Orlyka Valley, which is also part of the brand’s new sustainability platform, “Change the Rules, Change the Future”.

The platform consists of three pillars: 1) Reduce Impact; 2) Return the Earth to Nature; 3) Intimacy with Boundaries Love without Boundaries. To further communicate this commitment in an open and transparent way, YSL Beauty also launched the brand’s first sustainability report, which aims to highlight the brand’s sustainability efforts in all areas of its business operations.

Stephan Bezy, General Manager of YSL Saint Laurent Beauty, said, “YSL Beauty believes in the principle that not taking, but giving; not consuming, but restoring. Most importantly, empowering the world around us. To put this philosophy into practice, we have made a bold commitment to work towards promoting a radical shift back to nature. In short, our ambition is to return the planet further to nature by 2030.”

YSL Beauty is committed to making a positive difference in the world by focusing on the situation of people and the planet. The brand recently released its first sustainability report, while rebranding its sustainability platform called ‘Change the Rules, Change the Future’. The platform consists of three pillars. In addition to ‘Bringing the Earth back to Nature’, it also includes ‘Reducing Impact’ and ‘Intimacy with Boundaries Love without Boundaries’.

“Impact Reduction” aims to transition to a low-carbon and circular economy and set goals that are aligned with the latest climate science. From sourcing and formulating formulas to packaging, manufacturing, shipping, point of sale and finish of use, YSL Beauty is committed to significantly reducing its environmental footprint. “Reducing our impact” targets all aspects of its business to ensure it reaches its goals: prioritizing the use of bio-based ingredients (70% by 2023), investing in recyclable, refillable materials and adopting lighter packaging (100% eco-designed and recyclable, with the aim of completely removing virgin plastics from production by 2030), and reducing its environmental footprint by 2022. By 2022, it will transform its French factories into 100% carbon-neutral factories, and it will continue to take practical actions to fulfill its sustainability philosophy by achieving full team training and improving the knowledge and skills of our employees in sustainability, social impact and consumer transparency. It will also ensure that its retail and merchandising displays are 100% eco-designed.

YSL Beauty works with non-profit partners to prevent and combat intimate violence. The program has now reached 20 countries and educated more than 130,000 people on the 9 red flags of intimacy. By joining forces with international and non-profit partners, it hopes to further expand the reach and impact of “Intimacy with Boundaries, Love without Boundaries” and reach at least 2 million people by 2030 with a common understanding of intimate relationship violence (IPV).

Most importantly, beauty brands have been contributing to sustainable development.

At the 5th The China International Import Expo presentation held on April 22, which coincided with World Earth Day, the heads of Unilever and P&G both presented their vision for sustainability.

Unilever’s vision is to be a global leader in sustainable business, with the goal of making sustainable living the norm. Two years ago Unilever updated its sustainability strategy to help the company drive sustainable and responsible growth while achieving superior performance. Unilever is committed to improving the health of the planet and playing its part in creating a fairer and more inclusive world.

Unilever and Alibaba Group jointly launched Waste Free World during The China International Import Expo in 2020 and released a White Paper on China Plastic Recycling and Sustainability with the department of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and an Ai-empowered recycle system with Alibaba Group. The action won the certification of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs 2030 Sustainable Development Goals best practices.

Procter & Gamble, another global household chemical giant, has also demonstrated his commitment to sustainable development.

In The China International Import Expo of 2021, P&G made the Net Zero 2040 development goal inviting industry experts, beauty influencers to participate. It also developed the world premiere of its self-developed innovative e-commerce packaging air capsule, which is made of a single material and reduces material prep by 40%. The packaging attracts more than 120 government representatives and more than 300 media coverage.




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