7 Brands of Shiseido Company All Sold RMB100 Million in 618 Shopping Festival

The sales of SHISEIDO, Clé de Peau Beauté, IPSA, NARS, ELIXIR, ANESSA and AUPRES all exceeded RMB100 million in sales in 618 shopping festival.

The sensational 618 shopping festival came to an end, and the sales of the beauty products were also made public. The data released by Syntun shows that the sales of cosmetics across all online e-commerce platforms were $6.1 billion, decreased by 20% compared to last year.

CHAILEEDO notes that in the skincare category, Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Olay, SHISEIDO and L’Oreal Paris were the five brands with the highest sales. Among them, Japanese high-end cosmetic brand SHISEIDO sold $80.23 million on Tmall alone, ranking 8th among all skincare brands.

On June 20, China Standard Time, Shiseido Company China disclosed the sales data of two channels, Tmall and JD, during the 618 shopping festival in 2022, in which 26 brands of the group participated. Among them, SHISEIDO, Clé de Peau Beauté, IPSA, NARS, ELIXIR, ANESSA and AUPRES all sold RMB100 million ($14.89 million).

SHISEIDO, the eponymous brand of the Shiseido Company, sold $80.23 million on Tmall. Specifically, SHISEIDO Vital-perfection White Revitalizing Softener and Emulsion (priced at $214) sold more than 163,000 units, SHISEIDO Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (priced at $88) sold more than 120,000 units, and SHISEIDO Bio-performance Liftdynamic Eye Treatment (priced at $137) sold more than 35,000 units.

In addition, high-end cosmetics brand Clé de Peau Beauté also performed well in the 618 shopping festival. According to the data, more than 100,000 units of clé de peau BEAUTÉ Softening Cleansing Foam (priced at $71) and more than 70,000 sets of Clé de Peau Beauté ( the prices range from $131 to $442) were sold.

ELIXIR, another high-end skincare brand of Shiseido Company, also achieved good sales in the 618 shopping festival. Among all the products, ELIXIR Premium Revitalizing Care Enriched Eye Cream (priced at $71) sold more than 100,000 units and ELIXIR Enriched Lotion and Milk (priced at 91 USD) sold more than 80,000 sets.

AUPRES, a high-end skincare brand that has been in the Chinese market for 26 years, sold more than 100,000 sets of lotion and serum (priced at $74). Furthermore, Drunk Elephant, an American skincare brand that just officially entered the Chinese market last year, saw a 466% year-over-year increase in sales of its Portini Cream (priced at $84).

High-end sunscreen brand ANESSA sold more than 400,000 ANESSA Sunscreen Lotion (priced at US$34), making the brand the No. 1 in the sunscreen category.

According to the report, several brands of Shiseido Company topped the cosmetics subcategory. High-end skincare brand IPSA ranked third in the category of high-end lotion; SERGE LUTENS became the No. 1 in the Tmall International foundation category and the No. 2 in the Tmall International perfume list; ettusais mascara became the No. 1 in the Tmall International and ID mascara categories; and MAQUiIIAGE became the No. 1 in the Tmall international makeup primer list.

What’s more, high-end skincare brand BAUM, French fragrance brand nariciso rodriguez, men’s skincare brand SIDEKICK, oral beauty brand INRYU these four brands are the first time to participate in the 618 shopping festival.

According to the first quarter earnings report released by Shiseido Company not long ago, the net sales of the Chinese market in the first quarter fell 20.6% to 51.91 billion yen ($380 million), accounting for 22.2% of total sales; the operating loss was 2.828 billion yen ($20.55 million).

In its report, Shiseido Company mentioned that the increased scope of control over COVID-19 (especially in March) affected the group’s sales in the offline channel in China, with a decline in sales. The online channel, however, continued to grow, mainly thanks to all promotions launched on the Chinese New Year and Women’s Day. In addition, the group expanded its online channels in China during the reporting period, specifically through the presence on JD and Tik Tok China.

CHAILEEDO will continue to follow up and report on whether Shiseido Company will be able to turn a profit in China, the group’s second largest market, in the second quarter due to the good performance in the 618 Shopping Festival.




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