Amortals Brings Space to its Makeup Products

Chinese makeup brand Amortals has launched a new space powder, which uses the concept of space and weightlessness to create a lightweight casing and claims to be super hydrophobic and oleophobic, which is Amortals’ seventh foundation, priced at $13.5 in its official flagship store on the Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall. Amortals specializes in beauty tools and makeup. In its official flagship store, the highest sales is Amortals powder puff, which sells for $4.5 with monthly sales of 90,000 units.

The puff enjoyed patented innovation technology of the “double raincoat”. This research took as long as 5 years. In order to solve the pain points when user makeup, the use of waterproof and oil-resistant ingredients will wrap up powder in 360 degrees as if a waterproof and oil-resistant double raincoat for the user’s makeup. Because of the super hydrophobic and oleophobic, oxygen permeable, breathable, film-forming, and non-clogging pores, it solves the pain point of users sweating off their makeup in summer.

Amortals is an exquisite niche beauty tool brand created in South Korea, and founded in 2014. In 2016, Amortals decided to especially extend the Chinese market and it changed its brand and its production line to China, while the brand strategy shifted from skincare to the direction of beauty tools. With the design concept of “start from the heart, make every product”, it pursues the ultimate in luxury, low-profile, and high-gloss design style, carefully selects products and materials, and constantly explores products suitable for Chinese women, and diligently pursues simple but extraordinary perfection with the spirit of craftsmanship.

In 2018, Amortals broke the stereotypes and launched an innovative product – Star Beauty Makeup Sponge, which was handpicked as the “best beauty egg” by multiple Chinese stars such as Zhang Jia Ni, Cai Wenjing, Sun Jian, Ming Dao, and Yu Wenwen and some beauty bloggers such e are dedicated to it. At the same time, it is also a must-have product for celebrity makeup artists such as Gao Jin, Yang Shan, and others.

After gaining a reputation, in the whole network channel, you can see Amortals products almost everywhere. In the online channel, Amortals is available on more than 50 platforms, including the Tmall flagship store, Jingdong, Vipshop, Xiaohongshu, Amazon, and so on and it has as many as 5000 distributors. For 3 consecutive years, Amortals was the No.1 in the beauty tools category on the Internet.

The following year, Amortals entered the makeup field, and its makeup products, such as mascara, loose powder and isolation, were highly recommended by celebrities and bloggers, and were ranked in the TOP of 2020 Beauty Awards in 2020. To date, the entire brand and production line of Amortals is produced in China.

With the increasing influence of the brand, Amortals, which is determined to deepen its brand influence and maintain its long-term development, started to expand its market offline.

In just over a year, Amortals has reached 30,000,000 offline sales outlets, covering mainstream offline channels such as fast fashion chains, CS stores, KA and so on

Sales director He Xu from Hangzhou Chuanxi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chuanxi”), the offline general agents of Amortals, said, “The precipitation and accumulation of the brand depend on offline, which is an important channel for product updates and iterations.”

In its offline channel, the new consumer brand Amortals has worked with the Chinese social platform Xiaohongshu to create pop-up stores and invited beauty influencers on Xiaohongshu to experience its offline stores and share their trial experience. In its online, Xiaohongshu Beauty Intelligence Bureau has joined hands with the four main broadcasters to sell its products in their live streaming. The brand has not only gained all-around exposure and GMV growth but also completed the precipitation of brand assets on Xiaohongshu.

In the mainstream social media platforms where young people gather, such as Xiaohongshu, Weibo, TikTok China, and Bilibili, Amortals is almost everywhere. Searching for “Amortals” on Xiaohongshu, there are more than 430 related products and over 50,00 notes.

Amortals respect every small and exact need and provide users with practical solutions to the pain points of foundation makeup. Instead of following the footsteps of popular products in the market and being only a producer, it has become a product developer, giving each member of the Amortals exclusive branding. In the future, Amortals will also always stick to its original intention to create better, more realistic, and comprehensive products to meet the public’s demand for exquisite makeup.




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