CHANDO’s Parent Company JALA Pioneered Work Resumption in The Oriental Beauty Valley

As the leading enterprise of The Oriental Beauty Valley, JALA took the lead in resuming work and production with the first batch of more than 400 employees arriving at work in an orderly manner, which has a symbolic significance and pioneers the relevant industrial chain to recover.

On April 19, Beijing time, the first batch of enterprises in Shanghai began to resume work and production. On the first day of resuming work, more than 400 employees of China’s cosmetics leading enterprise JALA lined up in an orderly manner to do the nucleic acid test for entering The Oriental Beauty Valley (1). The first day of work was mainly based on debugging equipment and restoring production lines, while the focus of production was also placed on the product line related to epidemic prevention.

Zhang Xinxin, the chairman of the trade union of JALA, said in an interview that The Oriental Beauty Valley has won more than 400 employees for JALA to resume work and production, which can strive to achieve more than 60% of the normal output. JALA has 7 cosmetics brands: MAYSU, CHANDO, botanical wisdom, Spring Summer, Biorrier, COMO and ASSASSINA with more than 43,000 retail terminals and more than 42 million members nationwide. As a leading enterprise of The Oriental Beauty Valley, JALA took the lead in resuming work and pioneered the recovery of the Shanghai cosmetics-related industrial chain.

It is reported that at present, the employees of The Oriental Beauty Valley who need to resume work have applied for work through the application of enterprise and issued a certificate of employment. The qualified personnel can be allowed to be in and out through review, file, and consultation.

In addition to the JALA, there are companies in Shanghai involved in the cosmetics industry chain such as COSMAX and BASF SE also producing on a small scale. “Since late March, the company’s production sites in Shanghai have been in closed-loop operations. Although the production load has decreased during the lockdown period, production activities have not been interrupted.” BASF SE said. BASF SE also takes all necessary precautions in production and office premises to protect the health and safety of its employees and contractors, while trying its best to ensure the proper functioning of customer supply and business.”

“Our factory now has people from the prevention zone coming out one after another and then resuming work in the factory. There are about 250 people, but they all leave the community, enter the closed-loop management of the factory and all of them eat and live in the factory. Shen Yingjie, the assistant general manager of COSMAX (China) Cosmetics Co., Ltd., said, “The truth is that it is still difficult to resume work on a large scale in the short term.”

On April 16, Beijing time, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology issued the Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic in Shanghai Industrial Enterprises Resuming Work and Production (First Edition) (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines). The Guidelines mentioned that the prevention and control of the epidemic in the closed-loop is the premise of resuming work and production and enterprises must bear the first responsibility for epidemic prevention. Enterprises should formulate epidemic prevention and control and closed-loop management plans, and adhere to the same prevention of people, things, and the environment so that the core key positions and links “people can go to the post, vehicles can move and epidemic prevention can be under control”. The plan should be reported to the city/district epidemic prevention and control department for approval, and enterprises with imperfect epidemic prevention and control and inadequate safe production should be implemented “double veto” and resolutely cannot resume work and production.

It is worth mentioning that after the release of the Guidelines, a “list of the first batch of work and production” began to circulate on the Chinese Internet. After investigation, the list is only the first batch of Shanghai key enterprises’ “white lists” controlled by the relevant departments in Shanghai, and the list found that there are two cosmetics-related enterprises, Xiaowei (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and SHANGHAI LEIYUNSHANG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD., whose application for protection is that they are both enterprises of “operation guarantee”, which produce hand sanitiser and anti-epidemic drugs respectively.

Strictly speaking, this list is only a list of enterprises with prevention and control in place and production conditions. It will be adjusted due to changes in the situation, which is by no means the “first batch of resumption of work and production list” as circulated on the internet.


(1) The Oriental Beauty Valley: The Oriental Beauty Valley is known as the “Capital of China’s Cosmetics Industry”, with a cosmetics scale of nearly $10.927 billion and many leading cosmetics companies like Shiseido, Melaleuca, NU SKIN, COSMAX and CHICMAX having gathered here.



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