Chinese Skincare Brand ZHUBEN Took the Top Spot Again

According to the data of O&O Consulting, the retail sales of China’s all-internet makeup remover products were about $1.2 billion from April 2021 to March 2022, up 16.9% year-on-year, and the average transaction price was $12. Among them, the brand with the highest sales volume was the Chinese skincare brand ZHUBEN, with retail sales of more than 700 million yuan (more than $109 million).

According to the data of O&O Consulting, the top 3 rankings of the top 20 brands in the whole network of makeup removal have changed. ZHUBEN surpassed BIODERMA to win first place in the makeup removal brand category on the whole network with retail sales of more than 700 million yuan (more than $109 million) and retail sales accounting for 9.1%. In addition, from the perspective of the best-selling stores in the makeup removal category of the whole network, ZHUBEN’s flagship store won the best-selling store with sales of more than $73.24 million.

Among the best-selling items in the retail sales of MAT makeup removal on Tmall in March 2022, the top three are ZHUBEN’s cleansing oils with an average transaction price of about $15 and $14 and KIMTURE’s makeup remover cream with an average transaction price of about $13.

Founded in 2016, it is an aromatherapy skincare brand whose founder is Liu Qianfei with the star product being makeup remover oils.

At the beginning of the establishment of ZHUBEN, 90% of China’s makeup removal market was makeup remover products, and the remaining 10% was divided into makeup remover oil, makeup remover cream, and makeup remover milk. ZHUBEN grasped a point: skin and aromatherapy. Its cleansing oil products focus on avoiding excessive friction damage to the skin by makeup remover, reducing irritation, protecting the skin from sensitization, and other concepts.

In the second half of 2016, the first cleansing oil product was launched by ZHUBEN. It is understood that the research and development of the first cleansing oil product took 8 months, the supply chain took 6 months, 5 kinds of vegetable oils with 7 kinds of plant essential oils, and 2 kinds of emulsifiers. All the prices are discussed from the source by reducing the cost. In addition, in the initial 20-person entrepreneurial team, formulators and supply chain personnel accounted for six.

Liu Qianfei, the founder of the brand, said in an interview with the media that the raw materials used in the cleansing oil are imported from Japan, which is three or four times the unit price of some brands of cleansing oil raw materials in the industry. But the price of the makeup remover oil of 150ml remains at about $18, which is only 1/2 to 1/3 of the price of several big-name cleansing oils.

After pursuing quality and cost performance, the brand chose the marketing strategy that now seems to be very far-sighted and also entered the live broadcast room of Li Jiaqi, the Chinese internet celebrity streamer and “Yi Ge” (pioneer) in promoting goods sales through live streaming on Taobao.

In 2019, it cooperated with Li Jiaqi for 34 live streaming, selling 50,000 bottles of makeup removing oil in single live streaming in one minute. By the second half of 2020, the monthly sales of each makeup remover oil in Jiaqi’s live streaming room can reach a single sales volume of more than 150,000.

In addition to the cooperation with major streamers, ZHUBEN is also live streaming independently on TikTok and Taobao. The data shows that on TikTok China, the proportion of brand number (independent live streaming) contribution ranked first in the streamer contribution list from April 2021. Among these, its independent live streaming contribution accounted for more than 50% in May. On Taobao, the flagship store was squeezed into the top 3 of the streamer contribution lists for the first time in July 2021, accounting for 3.48% of the contribution. Taobao Live’s annual GMV exceeded 500 million yuan (about $77.92 million).

The year 2021 for ZHUBEN means a start to a long journey with the product and brand layout around “aromatherapy” carried out by ZHUBEN. In August 2021, its star product, the cleansing oil, was upgraded one by one, and the “ZHUBEN DREAM RIVER BOTANICAL REFRESHING CLEANSING OIL” was upgraded in terms of makeup removal, skin nourishment, and aromatherapy.

At the same time, ZHUUBEN was also focused on brand marketing, inviting Li Jiaqi to shoot TVC, passing on the brand proposition of “unloading the chaos, just going to ZHUUBEN “. It created the first micro-variety show “900 seconds”, inviting Li Jiaqi, Guo Caijie, and Fu Shouer as guests, through the mobilization of the five senses, leading the guests to experience the healing process. The official announcement of the first brand makeup removal ambassador Li Yitong, led users to start a new ZHUUBEN journey. All of this allows more people to understand who ” ZHUUBEN ” is and feel the value transmitted by the brand.

Efforts eventually pay off. In 2021, it has achieved impressive results with the annual sales growth rate remaining at 400%, the sales volume of the whole network being nearly 1 billion yuan (about $156 million), and the cumulative sales of star product makeup remover oil exceeding 8.3 million bottles. It serves about 7.3 million users and winning the top 1 of the makeup remover oil category on Tmall for 7 consecutive times.

During the Double Eleven shopping festival in 2021, the GMV of ZHUBEN in the whole network reached $43.63 million, of which the Tmall channel GMV reached $28.05 million, an increase of 468.5% year-on-year, ranking first in the new beauty brand on Tmall. the sales of the TikTok channel exceeded 53 million (about $8.26 million), an increase of more than 1900% year-on-year.

It is worth mentioning that the total sales of makeup remover oil during Double Eleven shopping festival in 2021 totalled 2.8 million bottles and ZHUBEN won the championship again in the makeup remover category ranking on Tmall, selling a total of 1.764 million pieces. This means that 1 bottle for every 2.4 bottles of cleansing oil being sold is ZHUBEN.

In addition to cleansing oil products, its products in the field of body care have also achieved remarkable results. During the 2021 Double Eleven shopping festival, the sales of the hair care essential oil reached 4 million yuan (about $620,000) and sold out after the first launch. The sales of the body oil reached 1.5 million yuan (about $230,000), the sales of body milk reached 3 million yuan (about $470,000) and the essence oil category No.2 on Tmall was rapidly promoted, with a total of 86,000 units.

In March 2022, the makeup remover oil won the #Tmall Monthly Item#, dominating the top 14 days of the “Makeup Remover Hot List”. As of April 20, 2022, the “ZHUBEN DREAM RIVER BOTANICAL REFRESHING CLEANSING OIL” has sold more than 100,000 units per month in its flagship store on Tmall, priced at $18 to $20.



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