Chanel Firstly Adopts More Environmentally Friendly Packaging for its New Chance Fragrance Bottles

Chanel will launch more environmentally friendly product packaging. The French luxury fragrance brand’s new Change fragrance will now feature an anodized aluminum strip instead of the previously used polished brass that was galvanized.

Chanel is making further progress towards offering more environmentally friendly product lines. As a result, the Chance eau de toilette range will now feature an anodized aluminum strip instead of the previously used polished brass that was galvanized. Aluminum is not only lightweight but also one of the most recycled metals available. Moreover, this material change eliminates the need for chemicals used in galvanizing.

To successfully implement this material change, the luxury fragrance brand has enlisted the help of g.pivaudran, a French manufacturer that specializes in creating aluminum components for the perfume, cosmetics, and spirits industries.

Chanel has set a significant goal to reduce the environmental impact of all its product ranges. To achieve this, the brand has decided to replace the galvanized varnished brass band that surrounds the new Chance bottles with an anodized aluminum one.

The anodized aluminum strips for the new Chance fragrance bottles are manufactured by g.pivaudran in the southwest of France and assembled by glassmakers in France and Italy who collaborate with Chanel. Although consumers may not notice the change, g.pivaudran stated that it is a significant symbolic gesture by Chanel towards becoming more eco-friendly, without any unnecessary showiness, and is also effective and practical.

Chanel will launch the new bottles with the 100ml version, with all other sizes to be decorated with the anodized aluminum strip by 2024. g.pivaudran is now responsible for producing the new strips for all sizes of the Chance fragrance bottles, including 35ml, 50ml, 100ml, and 150ml.

Marc Pivaudran, CEO of g.pivaudran said: “Our expertise allows us to shape aluminium in a host of manners, to assembly a range of materials and resolve the current requirements of our clients. Aluminium, by its very nature, is eco-responsible, can be endlessly recycled, is lightweight and suitable for multiple uses, and forms our response to the desire for added value by luxury brands.”

Source: Premium Beauty



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