Chantecaille China Officially Announces the First Brand Ambassador

At the end of last year, Beiersdorf acquired the French high-end makeup brand Chantecaille , which was expected to sell more than $95 million in 2021. Recently, Chantecaille China has announced its first brand ambassador, which means that the brand will accelerate its layout in the Chinese market.

On July 5, China Standard Time, Chantecaille, the high-end makeup brand of German cosmetics giant Beiersdorf, announced its first spokesperson in China, Chen Feiyu. In a video released on the brand’s official Sina Weibo account, actor Chen Feiyu promoted the brand’s foundations.

The marketing campaign has brought considerable heat and buzz to Chantecaille. As of 14:00 on July 6, the tag # Chen Feiyu as Chantecaille China’s first brand ambassador has been read more than 30 million times on Sina Weibo and discussed more than 20,000 times. In addition, the brand’s first official announcement of a Chinese spokesperson also shows its ambition for the Chinese foundation market.

CHAILEEDO learns that the Chinese foundation market is currently in a period of rapid development, and the scale is huge. On Xiaohongshu, if you search by keywords such as “foundation” and “concealer”, you can find that the total number of related notes exceeds 4 million; the industry data shows that by October 2021, the sales of facial foundation reached $2.42 billion, accounting for about 36.7% of the online makeup market; the data released by Industry Consulting Expert in China shows that as of October 2021, the sales of facial foundation were $2.42 billion, accounting for 36.7% of the market share, the first largest category of makeup; the China Business Industry Research Institute predicts that the market size of China’s ficial foundations will be close to 40 billion yuan ($6 billion) in 2022.

The French high-end makeup brand Chantecaille, founded in 1997, enjoys a high reputation among Chinese consumers with its hero product Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF15. On Xiaohongshu platform, there are 50,000 notes related to ” Chantecaille”, of which the protective moisturizer (priced at $124) is the most discussed product. It is worth noting that among these notes, the protective moisturizer from Shiseido’s high-end makeup brand CPB (priced at $52) is the product most often compared to Chantecaille’s.

CHAILEEDO notes that although the moisturizer of CPB is much cheaper than Chantecaille’s, the monthly sales of the two products on Tmall are relatively the same, with the units of 500. It is worthwhile mentioning that Chantecaille’s protective moisturizer ranked first in the best-selling list of imported pre-makeup protective moisturizer on Tmall, while CPB’s moisturizer ranked twelfth.

In addition to moisturizer, the brand’s best-selling products in Tmall as well as JD include Compact Makeup Pressed Powder (priced at $113), which sells more than 700 pieces per month on the Tmall.

In 2018, USHOPAL, a Shanghai-based luxury beauty group, officially introduced Chantecaille to China. Currently, Chantecaille has opened overseas flagship stores on Tmall and JD, and is also present in USHOPAL’s offline store Bonnie&Clyde (B&C). In November last year, USHOPAL made its debut at the 4th China International Import Expo with Chantecaille and other brands.

It is also worth noting that on December 21 last year, Beiersdorf announced that it would acquire the American beauty company Chantecaille Beauty Inc. (Chantecaille’s parent company). According to Beiersdorf, Chantecaille has a global presence and a strong presence in North America and Asia. In 2021, Chantecaille’s global sales were expected to exceed $95 million, while the brand was valued at between about $561 million and $658 million.

The group said that Chantecaille would be managed separately as a complementary premium brand under the group’s brand portfolio after the acquisition like La Prairie.

The acquisition is an important move in Beiersdorf’s C.A.R.E.+ strategy. Vincent Warnery, the CEO of Beiersdorf, has publicly stated that “with the acquisition of Chantecaille, the group will strengthen its position in the beauty sector, particularly in the U.S., Chinese and Korean markets.”

Shortly after the acquisition, Chantecaille China announced its first brand ambassador, Chen Feiyu, and launched a series of brand marketing and promotion activities. It is foreseeable that the brand will further reinforce the layout of the Chinese market and accelerate its capture of the foundation market share.




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