China Beauty Trends: High-End Brands Take Time to Build

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Winning in Efficacy, Welcome the Future. On September 22, the 5th Conference on China’s Cosmetics Trends, hosted by CHAILEEDO, was held in Hangzhou with the theme of “Winning in Efficacy”. During the conference, Sun Laichun, the founder of Forest Cabin brought the theme “Channel Exploration of Chinese High-end Brands” to share.

Forest Cabin has a long-standing mission to make people and the planet more beautiful. Let the skin become beautiful is every beauty industry practitioners should stick to the bottom line, we add “let the earth’s skin more beautiful”.

Forest Cabin has been thinking a lot about how to build a mid-to-high-end brand. What we’ve found is that some of the cosmetics brands that burst onto the scene don’t last. Forest Cabin never became an overnight hit, and it never plummeted. Every year it was double digit growth, it was steady going forward, so I wasn’t too anxious.

Slow down, pace yourself, and look beyond. If you want to build a high-end brand, all the brands in the world have experienced decades of development, generation by generation to cultivate. Forest Cabin adheres to the long-term philosophy, and I think it is possible for you to live a better life and develop faster.

I’ve often been asked by investors that Forest Cabin is growing at a slow rate. Aren’t you worried? I said I was worried too. When I was in primary school, I learned a lesson called “The Story of the Little Pine Tree and the Little Mushroom”. There is a small pine tree in the forest, planted for three years, but it does not grow tall. One day, after it rained, there was a small mushroom that grew faster than a small pine tree in three days. But as soon as the sun came up, the little mushroom died and the little pine tree still lived.

To establish a brand, especially to impact the high-end brand, we should learn from small pine tree. We were in Shanghai in April and May this year, and we thought we weren’t doing so well, but we did a general ledger in April and found that we were up 12% in April and 15.9% in May. During the 618 period, we saw a 34.5% year-on-year increase. The main reason is that we have enough goods.

During the pandemic in Shanghai, we had an all-staff meeting and 40 workers agreed to stay in the factory and make products without interruption. We thought it would last a week at most, but we lasted 70 days. During the epidemic, the Forest Cabin factory did not stop production, all the live broadcast team stayed in the office without any rest, and all the stores could interact at home through private domain, so our business performance was good. I suddenly realized that our industry is really good, no matter what day it is, you need to wash your face. The beauty industry is the industry of demand.

This decade, we focus on nourishing the skin with oil, creating a new sector of oil essence. This is the result of Forest Cabin’s three consecutive high-tech enterprises. A term of three years, three terms is nine years. It is not easy to invest more than 100 million yuan in scientific research and more than 100 patented technologies to produce such a bottle of products.

To build a high-end brand, you need to endure for a long time and love the brand like a daughter to be successful. This bottle of product from God bless. we found farmers in 2020 at home isolated picking a large number of Camellia. We discussed that it was not easy for the farmer, so we bought it all. We set up a plant extraction group and worked hard for a year and nine months to make our own anti-aging ingredients, which turned out to be popular as soon as the product hit the market. God would not have helped us make this product if we had not helped the farmers. So the brand depends 80% on hard work and 20% on God bless.

For a brand to become a high-end brand, it must have a great dream and a noble mission that may go far. In fact, we have a vision to become one of the top five cosmetic groups in the world. I may not achieve it in my lifetime, but I have confidence in the future of Chinese brands.

Q&A: Under the epidemic situation, the number of customers and the unit price of customers in these stores of CS channel declined. How did Forest Cabin solve this problem?

Sun Laichun:If we solve this problem we save hundreds of thousands of cosmetic stores in China, and we are exploring it. In April and May under the epidemic prevention and control, Shanghai stores are in a state of closure. Stores are closed performance where it comes from? The answer is very simple, physical stores, single-brand stores have their own “personality”, have their own private domain fans and members.

Our recently opened franchise stores used this method and began to promote with TikTok China and Wechat. It is not a simple online question and answer, but a community exchange and communication. It is to build an independent brand, it will be completely different from the collection store, I hope everyone to feel and experience. The road is hard and not easy.

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