China Beauty Trends: Small-pack Efficacy Masks Achieves Big Business

Winning in Efficacy, Welcome the Future. On September 22, the 5th Conference on China’s Cosmetics Trends, hosted by CHAILEEDO, was held in Hangzhou with the theme of “Winning in Efficacy”. During the conference, Nikita, co-founder of C+Beauty, presented the keynote speech “The Secret of Fast Growth of Efficacy Mask”.

The following is the transcript of the speech.

Hello, I’m Nikita, and today I’m invited by CHAILEEDO to talk to you about my thoughts on rapid growth in the past year. I hope we can have more discussions with everyone here and grow together rapidly.

Our brand is C+Beauty. And our positioning is a scientific and precise skincare efficacy brand. We found that in addition to efficacy, new consumers have more requirements for skin feeling, pleasure and social topics. The skincare products they like are not just the products that packaged by traditional type. They hope that when they wear cosmetics, they can gain some fun to share with their friends.

Looking back at our past history, C+Beauty was officially launched in March last year, and the GMV of our brand on one of Chinese leading e-commerce platform Tmall exceeded 10 million yuan in June last year. The GMV of TikTok China reached 10 million in July last year. The entire sales of C+Beauty in 2021 have broken 100 million. So we have ranked the first in some segmented categories of facial mask. We are also the only beauty brand in the Top 10 “TikTok Brands” last year.(TikTok Brands: By posting quality short videos on the TikTok platform. It quickly achieved the original accumulation of followers and then successfully create its own brands based on its own private domain traffic.)

We did a very large range of consumer research before launch. We found that consumers have 5 different considerations for mask use or purchase. The pain points of the consumers are: 1. inconvenient. If a facial mask only costs 1 yuan per piece, its effect could be none. This is a very obvious disadvantage. Compared to the small-pack facial mask that only hundred grams for one mask, the traditional facial mask is not easy to carry or storage.

2. Not easy to used up. After using it for one or two months, the jar-formed mask began to dry and crack. Consumers will have a burden to choose, spent hundreds of money to buy so many bottles, can not use up, or not suitable for the skin, and can not be returned, a waste of money and a waste of facial mask.

3.Consumers don’t know how to choose. Because now KOLs will recommend a variety of products to consumers. They will receive different information thus they do not know how to choose, but also afraid to buy is a waste, not suitable, the efficacy of the experience will be quite a lot of different pain points, these pain points are very subdivided. Not suitable, not good is also the efficacy of pain points.

When we put them all together and found an opportunity to make a small-pack mask, we didn’t mean to make it that way. But we did find so many pain points, then we wanted to make a product that was effective, but affordable for consumers. And how should this be designed?

If a 25-year-old woman lives in Hangzhou, she will have at least 3 different problems on her face. Her T-zone may need to remove oil, or cleaning needs such as blackheads. Her cheeks may be dry, or easy to skin red, she will need to replenish moisture, soothing needs. Then there are fine lines in certain places so she may be have anti-aging needs. When we give a particularly precise solution to the segmentation needs, they will be easy to choose and willing to try and repurchase when they feel good.

Our team also has more than 20 years of skincare experience, and many of them are from the core staff of various international brands. The big international brands have realized the importance of the Chinese market, but their R&D and foundation is still based on Western skin. However, we still need to target Chinese skin in China.

Because in the past, each formulator understanding and cognition are relying on manual to read reports and communicate with people. To a large extent, we all rely on experience to choose which formula, or which technology is the most effective. At present, although we have only been established for one year, we have already used some very advanced technologies in formulating or developing products based on our past technologies and accumulation.

In addition to doing a lot of research on ingredients, we are more interested in using medical technology to solve skin penetration problems. This includes the development of oxytocin with the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is effective in the treatment of psoriasis, and then we use it in our skincare products. We have also done a lot of scientific tests and found that the penetration rate of the efficacious ingredients is 96% higher when the oleophores are used for oil control ingredients compared to the original equivalent ingredients. And it can really reach the dermis layer without the risk of skin breakage and skin burden. Indeed we want to build a national product barrier. In addition to the ingredients, but also from the technology to put more effort.

To sum up what we have just said, we believe that every small demand has a chance to become a big business, just how to better insight and organize it. At the same time product innovation in today’s time, to be more extreme, or extreme a little. Finally in the operation side more than just refinement of reach. More is when you expand, the efficient synergy of various channels to achieve the development of a region-wide organization.

We are still a relatively small brand, but we still hope to provide the mass consumers with the ultimate cost-effective products at the mass consumption level, which is a very big thing. With our love for cosmetics, research and refinement, we believe we still have the opportunity to grow and develop together with everyone in the future.

Q&A: The rise of the category of essence-level small-pack mask is efficient, what is the next strategic upgrade direction of the brand? Is the brand expansion to do extension or continue to deepen the mask category to the small-pack mask to play a broader, more transparent?

Nikita: Small-pack mask is our entry-level products. Because the mask, to be frank, in such a competitive category, we can not make much money. But it is wide enough to reach a large enough consumer. People are willing to try. We will be willing to make an entry-level product. Why we will do 15 efficacy, which is growing out, consumers will continue to ask in different channels, we started out with a few efficacy: cleaning, moistening, brightening, anti-acne. When we achieved cleaning mud mask, we slowly found that the oil skin corresponds to a greater demand for cleaning, most of them are people with oily skin. So the oil skin will be more and more. Based on this, we will provide a series of solutions corresponding to oily skin. In addition, we have four to five million users, sensitive skin users will also increase. We will also make a series of solution products for sensitive skin, so as to extend out.



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